Sunday, May 17, 2009


you know, the things that are reusable astound me. We obviously cloth diaper. But once you start getting into that green community, you start to learn about all KINDS of things that are reusable.

And you all know that I use the cloth mamma pads, which as we all remember, was something that completely HORRIFIED me about two years ago when I first learned that such a thing even existed! Well there are some pretty cool people out there, and one of the things that I am moving towards is reusable "cotton rounds" like to remove makeup, etc. I actually use them to apply toner, and to remove fingernail polish, and to clean the kids' eyes with. I won't be able to use them for nail polish, but I can certainly use them for eye cleaning and makeup removing and toner applying. My first batch should be arriving anyday now. I got them from Homestead Emporium. I bought two sets of 12 for a total of 24 hand dyed bamboo facial rounds.

bamboo facial rounds

I can't WAIT. And you know, those cotton rounds are about $2-4 a pack, and I can't even count how many of those I have used in my time. Plus I always buy the expensive swisspers brand, because they don't shed and leave cotton wisps all over everything, like the "cotton" brand sold at Wal-Mart does. I am happy to be giving business to a work at home family, and also to be reusing something else. Also check out their blog if you have time. They are giving away $100 gift certificate- and you have until September 30th to enter!

While I was shopping with them I also grabbed a pair of their washable breast pads. Mine just aren't cutting it this time around, because they are just cotton, and have no backing to prevent leaking (PUL, Wool, Fleece, etc.) and so they aren't really doing me any good, although they are washable. I like HE's teardrop shaped design, and I hope that the one pair is a nice fit and does what I need, because I may consider more. I didn't leak too much with Ardyn, but I didn't have this much milk either!

I absolutely adore their pads, the dyeing is, well, to die for. LOL. They have some awesome ones stocking on Monday, so be sure to check out their website and blog to see what's coming up next.

While we are on the reusable conversation, check out foilers too while you are at it. How interesting is that? Didn't even think of it! And I might also have gotten this recycled purse... Maybe.

I got some new mamma cloth on the way from Bellies Babies and More, and I will take a pic when it all arrives. I want to make my own, but of course the serger is down, and some of those fabrics are expensive... but I will probably be making more of my own once I get a working serger! Before I had Marek, I bought some mamma cloth to use postpartum. I really loved the ones that I got from Sewing Mom Just Accessories. They were AWESOME and worked great. But I bought a custom set from another mamma on hyenacart, and I do not like them. Gonna sell them as a matter of fact!

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