Thursday, May 28, 2009

A little behind... Well two of them to be exact!

I am a little behind in my posting, and I apologize. I keep meaning to write, but before I know what hit me, it's 2am and I am falling asleep while trying to put the sheets back on a king sized bed without waking up the baby attached to it in a co-sleeper. :)

Since it's only 1am now, I figure I have an hour to get this out and get caught up. Then I am SO going to bed!

Speaking of Behinds, two of them have gotten some new fluff, all MADE BY MAMMA! Whoo! I started with the navy blue fleece pants and it escalated to the green vehicle fleece and the olive green fleece, all three for Marek.
And the shirt makes it a set!
Then it got crafty with the first pair of board shorties with a guitar applique and contrasting waistband.

Then I couldn't stop, so I made the spotted boardies
New Board Shorties for Marek

and then the brown boardies with contrasting orange leg cuffs... and then the matching shirt.
Orange and Brown Boardies

Marek models his new outfit

Then I started on Ardyn, and made her a pair of monkey capris with a lettuce edge hem on my NEW Janome Serger, which ROCKS and was so simple to thread and start with that I practically screamed with joy. I had scored some Wolly Nylon (okay, a LOT of Wooly Nylon) Variagated Cones at JoAnn, regularly $3.99 each, for $ 0.97 (yes, NINETY SEVEN CENTS folks!) Holy crap!
Monkey Shorties with Lettuce Hems!

I started sawing off onesies and hemming them, which allowed me to practice stretch stitching on the new sewing machine. One of them was a little too short once cut off, and became the equivelent of a male 80's belly shirt.... he will never wear it, as I don't have any teeny spandex or soft soled wrestling shoes for him to match it up to.

I Have so much sewing to do, it makes my head spin, but I am taking a break and expect to resume over the weekend perhaps.

Last night was homemade pizza night, and I made a seriously loaded Meaty pizza with mushrooms and onions,
Homemade Pizza Night!
and a mini version for Ardyn without any cheese.... I sliced hers into tiny wedges and she picked it up to eat it like a big girl.
Dairy Free Mini Pizza
She had never done that with pizza before. When I said what a big girl she was, she responded "Mommy's a Big Girl. Mommy Poops in the Potty!" and then "Daddy's a big girl! Daddy poops in the potty!" we laughed hysterically. As much as we tried to explain that Daddy is a big BOY, she insisted that he was a big girl! Her other new thing is "muscles." In Wal-Mart tonight she was showing Aunt Liz that "ardyn has muscles" and then "Mommy has Muscles" and when we got home she jumped into daddy's arms and said "Daddy has Muscles!"

We had Angel Food Cake with fresh fruit and whipped Cool Whip as dessert and it was FABULOUS!
Prepping for Dessert

I packed away all the newborn diapers last night. It was sad. I had been really excited to see him fit into a One-Size Diaper, and make use of the goodmamas for both kids for all kinds of simplicity reasons (packing a diaper bag, washing, not worrying about whose is whose...) and when it actually happened, it was bittersweet. I actually said to Evan "How will I ever wait three more years for another baby?" Well, probably because the Mirena costs a shitload and we want it to be cost effective. LOL. And probably because I need to have two kids who are a little more self-sufficient before I have more. He he. But still. Bittersweet!
Packing away the Newborn diapers

I also sold all 16 of the KL0's (Kissaluv Size 0's) that we had, because they just didn't cut it for us. They are super soft and the fit was great, but Marek is a super soaker (and Ardyn is a pretty heavy wetter too) and I commented that using a KL0 on Marek was like putting a kleenex on a leaky water pipe. So those all sold, and I turned that money around and bought some fabric to make clothes and such. The KL0's shipped out today to their new home. I decided to sell the KHW's (Kind Hearted Women) also because the rise was low and he grew out of them very quickly. All I kept was a few WAHM dipes, a Pampered Cheeks, and ALL of the Newborn Mutts, because I ADORE them. Let's hope the elastic holds up in storage for 3 years!

I also worked with the kids today on our gift to our midwife, which I am keeping top secret for now, lest she reads this. It was fun, and Ardyn was my "helper" and did a great job.

Ardyn has been concentrating hard on being fabulous, and none of it is my doing. In the past few days she has been accessorizing everything. She loves headbands, and I love how they keep the wisps of curls out of her face. She started to put on her fabulous fancy hat, and her apron, and her Dora Backpack, and she INSISTS on putting shoes on, usually on the wrong feet. It's a scream to see her put flip flops on the wrong feet. She knows SOMETHING isn't right. Ha.
Seeing Daddy off to work
Here she is when Daddy was leaving for work yesterday, she was telling him goodbye, but was looking damn fab doing it. She had pigtails, barrettes, a lime green headband (which she later wore around her booty and stretched it all out beyond repair) and her fancy hat too.
And here she is again (above), this was today....

She is also quite the daredevil. I left her alone for about 10 minutes this morning while switching laundry, and when I came back upstairs she was STANDING in the cosleeper, reaching into mommy's shelf alongside the bed, getting out lotion. (she NEEDS Lotion these days, and she calls shapstick "Lips! I NEEDS Lips!") Yesterday I put all the kid gear up on the couch to vacuum and when I came back into the room from getting a drink in the kitchen, she was STANDING on her Red Anywhere Chair, ON TOP of our couch, jumping up and down. When I saw her she got the "I caught" look and sat on her butt instantly and said "I Bouncing! I Bouncing!" Whew. Daredevil Rides Again.
Daredevil Rides Again

Yesterday she also found the plastic medicine dropper (syringe type) that we use to give Marek his refux meds, and was "pretending to give him medicine" with the syringe in his mouth. I often say "Only Mommy Gives Marek Medicine" or "Only Mommy and Daddy pick up Marek" or "Only Mommy Feeds Marek." Oy. She wants to help SO BADLY and I let her when it's safe!

We visited Grandpa Dave and Grandma Deb this past weekend, and saw the new concrete patio to replace the old brick by the kitchen door. Grandpa Dave was very entertaining to all of us as we watched him intermittently curse at the gnats eating him alive, and measure and mark out the dimensions for the steps they have to build. Ardyn and I watched from behind the safety of the kitchen screen.
Ardyn watches Grandpa Dave

Marek is following in his sister's footsteps and working on his "pull at your heartstrings" dramatic facial expressions. I think he's doing well....

And that's all. And now my time is up, and it's almost 2am, and I am falling asleep. So goodnight and I hope to be back tomorrow or Friday, with more excitement from the homefront. The weather has been rainy, so with the exception of a trip to the post office and our Indoor Memorial Day Cookout at Danielle's, we have mostly been at home and inside. And we haven't killed each other yet!

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