Saturday, June 06, 2009

Kids Clothes ISO

Things I am in search of. Looking for used items. Clean. yard Sale Prices. or trades (check my Diaperswappers ISO/IHA listing if you are a DS Member)

3T Purple or Lavender Snowpants and coat. I want them to coordinate or match with this set.
Size 5 Snowpants/Gloves/Hat that will match this Green/White/Silver Coat by Rothschild.
Size 4T Winter Coat to match light pink snowpants
Size 4T Brown snowpants, to match light blue and chocolate brown nike coat.
Size 2T Hat/Mittens to match a light pink/Navy/White Coat and Snowpants set.
Size 2T Fall Jacket
Girls Size 6 or 7 Snowboots. Light Pink or Navy.

I am going to try to sticky this and keep it updated.

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