Friday, June 26, 2009

Entertainment tonight

Today was a good day. Mostly. I spent the last 30 minutes outside wrangling a new 150 foot garden hose. They look coiled all nicely, and you think it will just be a snap to unravel it and get started, but it's just kink after kink, after kink. My FIL had one at the farm that was brand new and he wasn't using, and he offered it to me, which was AWESOME because the two hoses we have don't reach to the hostas in front of the fence, so I have to unravel the hose all the way and then use the watering can to lug water back and forth the rest of the way. Um. That isn't something I enjoy, especially when the heat index is 100 and I have two screaming kids. So After wrestling it for a while, I finally got it unraveled and hooked up and watered the thirsty hostas. I don't understand how you can have a BRAND NEW hose and a BRAND NEW nozzle (which I found in the garage because I always buy one after the season is over when they go on clearance. It never fails that last year's doesn't last and is crap and then they are full price again.) and STILL have the damn hose leaking? I tried the stupid washer, and that actually made the connection worse. So no matter what, I got the "backspray" so that my legs and feet were soaked before I was done, and then I had fresh grass clippings clinging to me. Then I had all the kinks again when I tried to get the hose back on the reel, but successfully got it all taken care of.

When I got inside I was pleased to find that both kids were still sleeping. When I sat down to type this I looked down and inside my bra, inside my tank top, in the cleavage area, I was like WHOA how did all that DIRT get in there? I mean like chunks of dirt that were all soft and crumbly. Then I was like.... wait a minute.... Is that chocolate cupcake? Dirt? I don't know! I had a chocolate cupcake on my way out to water the hostas, and they are really soft and fall apart as you eat them.... so I figure it's not worth tasting the crumbs to find out.

I feel like I am going backwards with the day, so I will just say one more thing about tonight, and then I will rewind and start at the beginning. Pretend this is an episode of fight club, or that I am Jason Bourne or something. I am sure you will put it all together. I know you're smart folks (why the hell else would you be here?)

When taking a bath tonight, Ardyn stuck her hands into her mouth and said something that sounded Like "I chewing (insert unidentifiable word here.)" and every time I tried to get her to repeat herself, she was talking around her hands. Finally I understood - "I'm chewin GUM!" And I said "where did you hear that?" and she said "Aunt Liz chews gum!" and I said "Does she?" and I remembered that Aunt Liz was here this morning, but Ardyn didn't SEE her, just heard her outside talking to me. That seemed like a strange connection to make. I had a FEELING it came from Daycare today, so I said "Who else chews gum Ardyn?" and she said, very sheepishly, "Ms. Peggy...." Who is her favoritest daycare teacher this year and she cannot function without. I said "Ms Peggy Chews Gum?!" and Ardyn said "Ardyn chew gum too!" and I said "where are you going to get this gum?" and she looked at me, with wide, innocent, very serious eyes, and said "The gum's out there somewhere!" OMG I just died. Maybe it's only funny to me, but it was like a metaphor for everything in her future. It's all out there somewhere. It's just up to her to find it. LOL. Where do they come up with those things!? And today one of Ardyn's old teachers (by old I mean last year in the infant classroom, while I was still working) pulled me aside and said "Would your daughter by any chance know the phrase 'God Damn It'?" Um Yeah. "yes...." said I with sheepish hesitation. And it is my fault. When I was pregnant, it started. Every time I woudl drop something, I would have to bend over to pick it up. Ardyn was like a year and some odd months old, and I would say it, and not even REALIZE that I was saying it, until she started repeating me. And I believe that it is my phrase of choice, when I am angry, frustrated, or even when some road rage sets in. I have heard her say "Damn it" on more than one occasion. I traditionally do not insert "god" in there, but I know that we have plenty of family members that do, and there is a really good chance that I have said that a time or two. So even one time of her hearing it, it would stick with her. The teacher said that Ardyn said (very clearly, she said) "God Damn it" about 10 times today, over and over, all in a row. Oh boy. The teacher said "I just ignored her." and I apologized because all I could think was that MY kid was going to be the one to ruin the minds of all the innocent children around her. Oh boy. What should I do, damn it!?

Okay rewind!

Started out the day nice and ealy (7:30 in Meaganese) and got myself showered and the kids dressed and ready to go. Took Ardyn to school. Drove by Dairy Queen. CLOSED. Too early. Saw Yard Sales. Forced myself to ignore them. Stopped by Evan's Grandma's house and nursed the baby, then changed him, then left her some recent photos. Drove by Dairy Queen. CLOSED damn it stil to early. Then I went to the courthouse and got a copy of Marek's Birth Certificate. Then I went back by dairy queen. CLOSED damn it again! Too EARLY! (this is why I sleep late) Then I saw more yard sales. I ignored them. Then I saw MORE and saw one with lots of kids stuff and I went around the block THREE TIMES trying to talk myself out of it. But seriously, how can I argue with a good deal on clothes that my kids NEED?! (well maybe not right now, but next season anyway.) So I stopped. Guiltily. And I said "I'll just get a couple things." and then the stuff was SOOOOOO good damn it! And the people were Soooooo nice! I got two pair of tennis shoes for Ardyn- 75 cents each. Sketchers and Dora the Explorer. I got a Reversible Chocolate brown and light blue winter Nike coat for $5. Seriously, it can be used for BOTH kids. How cool is that? I got some other pants, shorts, sweatshirts, etc. I got a pack of girls tights (bright colors,stripes, flowers... think Old Navy or Children's Place or Hanna's) 3 pair for $1, and no piling on these babies. Whole ziploc full of girl's white ankle socks with adorable polka dots in every color.... $1. They looked BRAND NEW as in not a dirt mark on them. Amazing. I got a JJ Cole Bundle Me for $2. Beautiful, charcoal grey and white. I got ONE Toy, a plastic taking Dora the Explorer swimming pool with a dora doll. She's in her swimsuit and when she jumps on the diving board, it says phrases in english and spanish... all about swimming in the pool. Ardyn played with it ALLLLL Night. That's already worth the $2 it cost, and the batteries in it worked great. So I spent around $30, and got my garage sale fix. I had a hard time ignoring all the rest of them, but I did well. Proud of myself. I am seriously addicted to good garage sales. But I only really look at stuff for the kids.

Oh and I also got two swimsuits, One for this year, and one for next year, for 50 cents (Tommy Hilfiger) and 25 cents (Old Navy) that were both super cute and will be great as spare suits. She has three this year now. One is new, and is her "good suit" and Evan and I bought it on clearance when she was really small... knowing she would fit it this year. It matched a swimsuit cover-up and swim hat that we had received as baby shower gifts, so we really liked it. Then she was given a hand me down Nemo suit that we use around home, because the screen printing is coming off and there are snags on the butt.... and it's great for her to play in the mud, little pool, and sandbox in, and I don't have to worry about her ruining it right away. Well, today when I dropped her off at daycare, I felt SO bad because all the other kids were outside running in the sprinkler, and I didn't know they DID that, so Ardyn didn't have a suit. They said it was coming out in their newsletter, but if I wanted to leave a suit there for her, she could play too. So when I saw one for 25 cents at the yard sale, I grabbed it up and took it back to the school for her to use that day. Can't beat that. Even if it gets lost or destroyed, it was a quarter.

So after the yard sale, I FINALLY found Dairy Queen open and redeemed my FREE Blizzard from my full punch card. I tried the Strawberry Cheesequake, which I had never had before, but Angela O and Angie R both recommended it. It was yummy, but it was still no oreo.

Marek and I went home and relaxed for a bit. I tried to nurse him and he did his new thing where he eats on one side and then can't take his eyes off the celing fan and starts to giggle and laugh and have a little conversation with it. I changed my facebook status to say "Meagan Jean Johnson finds it hard to believe that any male would find a ceiling fan more entertaining than a boob in his face??" LOL.

Then I started doing laundry, and picking up around home. The Bug guy was coming. Seriously, WHY do we worry about what our house looks like for the bug guy and the appliance repairman? I always think that if the bug guy comes and sees a mess, like piles of laundry or dirty dishes or overflowing kitchen garbages, he will think "Well, geez, no wonder they have bugs!" But seriously, there is no controlling the earwig population in this town when they start to show up. It's HORRID. I even had a facebook discussion about that, and I know that I am not the only one! I hate those bastards! So the bug guy came, and mentioned that he has 5 kids and the youngest is 1.5 and my mind was totally eased. A guy doesn't have 5 kids and not have some clue as to the messes that come with them. I reminded myself of that as he crunched over Dora the Explorer Cereal and a piece of smooshed banana still under the table from Ardyn's breakfast.

Marek did some hefty napping. I had to wake him because I wanted to get going and make some document copies this afternoon, and we had to go pick up Ardyn. I made copies of all the SS Cards and Birth Certificates, as well as receipt copies for all my jewelry. I wanted to make sure I had some in "off-site locations." and wanted to put some in my LifeDoc Binder, but I can't FIND IT! I am a little panicky about that but I know that it's probably somewhere safe, but got re-arranged when we had to get rid of the office to make room for a new baby.

I picked up Ardyn and the poor kid had a bad blister on her foot. She wears crocs every day no problem, but because they were all in the sprinkler today, she had crocs on in the water, and her poor little feet! I felt so bad. She cried and cried about it, and I had to take her shoes off again as soon as we got in the van. She played outside barefoot and we relaxed. It was considerably cooled down this evening. I had a fire in the pit, and the tiki torches were lit. I LOVE those things. I have never been a tiki torch person. To be honest, I feel they are too kitchy and crappy looking, and I feel like I am in an episode of "Scooby Doo on Zombie Island" or something. I feel like a Witch Doctor should come out any second in a loincloth and surrounded by beating drums. But When it came down to thinking they might actually WORK at repelling bugs so that I wouldn't have to douse myself and my kids with chemicals every day and night, I decided to test it out. They have some really cool looking ones out there these days, and some cool tabletop ones. So we have had them for over a month now, and I LOVE them. No bug spray for us! Strategically placed around the yard, they take care of all the bugs for us.

While she played, I read my current book (Jodi Piccoult's Change of Heart) and Marek lay on a blanket on the grass staring up at the sky. Then he was in his travel swing for a while. Then he got cranky, and I said "are we going to have to go inside?" and Ardyn said "YAY!" and so we did. I made her supper and then gave her a bath and then we lay on the couch together and sang songs and made silly faces and she "fed mommy beans" (pretend ones) and then I read her a book, let her pee in the potty once last time, and put her to sleep. Oh and today she called me from school. She pooped in the potty TWICE at school today. I was so proud of her. She has done it twice before, once at home and once at Grandma Deb's. She's getting so big! She likes to look at my underwear to see what kind of "big girl" pattern is on them. Then we talk about the Dora the Explorer Underwear that are waiting in her drawer. When we have an especially trying day with the potty, when she doesn't WANT to sit down, I go get the underwear and show them to her and we talk about big girls. That always gets her back on track. We also have a sticker chart in the bathroom that I made from a giant piece of posterboard. It has once side for pee stickers and one side for poos, and each time she goes, she gets to put a sticker on the right side. Tonight she put two stickers on extra because she pooped twice at school. She was just beaming that I remembered that and made a big deal about it.

She cried hysterically at the beginning of her bath, when the water touched her blister. She cried while I dressed her afterwards. She didn't want to put a bandaid on it, and I was going to be cool with that, except that every time ANYTHING touched her foot, she got hysterical, so finally I put some neosporin and a curious george bandaid on, and covered it with happy Elmo Socks so that she would hopefully leave it alone. And She DID forget about it. A few swims over the weekend and the chlorine will have it all healed up.

I stayed up till 4:30 in the morning two nights in a row, and don't hope to EVER do that again. One night I was planning my pages for my scrapbook day, and went through all the photos that I had printed a while back for Ardyn's first and second month. Then the next night I stayed up scrapbooking at the scrapbook day, and the NEXT night I was up finishing a couple of pages at home and picking papers out so that I could find out what I was missing and match the layouts with cardstock this week while Hobby Lobby had 50% off their paper. I had $13 left to my name, and I magically got all the papers I needed for exactly $13.49 which was pretty cool.

On the way home from school, I drove by more garage sales, and to distract myself Ardyn and I stopped by a parking lot with an area of rocks and picked out some smooth and big ones that we brought home in an empty baby wipes container. I think we will paint some into things like pigs and ladybugs and frogs, and she can cart them around her yard in her basket. She has two reed baskets outside that she drags rocks and pinecones around in. She LOVED the rock hunting!

Well, that's all for tonight. Evan has a band gig this weekend so I won't see him much.... but I have plenty of food prep to do, and a few things to cook and freeze, and we hope to go swimming a few times too. I also need to get a tote because Marek is starting to grow out of some 0-3 month clothes! He has also slept the past two nights unswaddled, and for about 7 hours each night, which is awesome. I was previously unable to get him to sleep for longer than 2 hours if he wasn't swaddled. He's growing up too! Won't be too long and will be transitioning him into his crib! I think I already would be, except that I have to walk through Ardyn's room to get to his, and right now that just isn't going to work out. Soon though!

Everyone have a nice night and a great weekend!

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