Friday, June 05, 2009

Lots of Smiling, Sewing, and Mamma Cloth...

I can not believe it's already 12:30. I NEED to go to bed! But first, a few things to share.
Today the privacy fence went up! Woo Hoo! It's awesome! Both fences are now done!
Also, today I relocated the vital parts of my sewing from the basement to the porch. I was having a hard time getting sewing done and just could NOT take both kids up and down the steps, especially when you figure there were snack times and meal times and nap times and diaper changes. Ugh. So now I can sew on the porch and not have to worry about that for a while. It was a HUGE undertaking, and took me all day, but it's done! I also organized fabric into drawers.... which I still have to take pics of.

Today Marek found the Buzzer Bee on his bouncy seat. Buzzer Bee used to be Ardyn's favorite, and apparently Marek finds him just as amusing. Not only did he smile and smile, but buzzer got an AUDIBLE laugh out of him, and happened to shoot a picture at just that moment!
Marek Smiles and laughs

The smiles were just SOOOOO cute!
Marek Smiles and laughs

Marek Smiles and laughs

Tonight I took about an hour and started my onesie conversions that I am SO behind on. I have an entire drawer of onesies in the sewing stash, for BOTH kids, that need to be converted to shirts. I already did about 5 for Marek last week, but I have about 30 more to do, and I also have all kinds of totes of them in the attic for bigger sizes! Whoa~
Once we were onesies~
I did a handful of Ardyn's, because I love the rolled hem feature on the new Serger, and wanted to lettuce edge a bunch of them. I wish boys could wear lettuce edges! Ha ha. Happiness is a Lettuce Edge!
Happiness is: A Lettuce Hem

Today I got some new pads in the mail. I got them from Charlene, from Bellies babies and more on Hyenacart. She uses the exact same pattern as I do, but I got a great deal and some different fabrics.... it was cheaper to buy the pads from her than to track down all the fabrics and such. Most of the fabrics have to be ordered online, and you have to order a 1 yard minimum, and pay shipping, and to get the velour toppers, and the PUL, and the prints.... and the colored snaps to match.... it was just easier to order from her and she does WONDERFUL work. So I added these to my collection. Next week is my 4 week checkup since getting my IUD, and I was dying to get these because I NEEDED them, if you know what I mean!
New Pads
There was an EXCELLENT article in the new issue of Kiwi (June 09, which I finally got to read today, since my issue arrived two weeks ago and I only received the front cover and the rest of the magazine was missing... so they had to send me a new one!) It was about reusable mestrual products and the dioxin and other cancer causing chemicals (parabens, etc) that are in disposible tampons and pads. It was an AWESOME thing to see in a magazine, even if it WAS a green living magazine. For what it's worth, I am SO not nuts.

I had planned on washing diapers today, I had both pails full, and things were busy and we were outside or I was moving the sewing room or I was making supper and time got away from me. When we put Ardyn to bed (over an hour late, which is the way it seems to be going since it's summer and she wants to be outside until it gets dark) Evan said something to her about "school tomorrow" and I was like "OH MY GOD! She has school tomorrow!" I was totally unprepared. I hadn't packed her bag. Diapers weren't washed. It was horrifying. So I started the diapers. And packed her bag. And laid out school clothes. And then I put both kids to bed. And now I need to go to bed because I have to get UP early and get them both ready so we can go.... and if I don't sleep soon I will regret it. I am already getting a headache from staying up too late!

Take care, more later! Oh and hopefully tomorrow I can write about what I found in the GARBAGE today! Oh and also hopefully about my enthusiastic attempt at duplicating some recent nursing pads that I purchased and LOVE..... that are contoured with a tear drop shape. It's all about the angle of the contour, and I think I ALMOST have it, or have it down close enough that they are worth making and using.

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