Saturday, June 06, 2009


Well, I love doing organizing things... but when the house is a mess, it looks like you have accomplished nothing, even though you have. That's where I am today. I washed, dried, sorted, folded, and packed away all the yard sale stuff I found yesterday. Here are some pics! I filled two totes for about $40, which I think is pretty damn awesome. Especially considering the quality and name brands that I ran across (Hanna Anderssen, The Children's Place, Columbia, Gap, Old Navy, Cotton Naturals {organic!}, The Kids Store, Puma, Nike, Rothschild, etc.), and the fact that I also got coats and snowpants.
Yard Sale Finds- June 5th 2009

I also have a basket of boy clothes that I have to add to my totes in the attic, and these are clothes that I found at a yard sale Last Friday, and the Friday before that!
Boy Clothes

I think Ardyn is the most thrilled by her yard sale slippers. I call them "25 cents of fluffy sparkly Toddler Happiness."
loving her yard sale slippers

A few nights ago I was working on replicating a pair of nursing pads that I bought. They are nursing pad utopia, and they are soft (Organic Bamboo Velour) leakproof (PUL Backing) Contoured for comfort and tear shape to prevent showing under clothes. BUT the catch is they are $8 a pair. And I can't afford to pay that much for the damn things anyway. So I started by tracing the ones I bought and trying to make the appropriately sized (degree) and placed dart in order to replicate the contour and final shape. I first tried with some remnants of fleece and scraps of flannel, and once I was confident that I was replicating it close enough to start using the Bamboo Velour and the PUL, I cut some. Of course they laid even differently, and I experimented with various thicknesses of fabric. I still couldn't get it perfect, but came to the conclusion that this was because the ones I purchased had a core of microfleece and I was using microfiber. SO. Then I thought maybe the contours would be better shaped after a washing, and I was right! So even though I was being a picky perfectionist that night, after they went through the wash, I was most impressed with them. So now I feel the confidence that they are the best they can be, and worth sewing more of, and so I will probably do that... Except that now I am leaking even less on letdown, and sometimes not at all, so I usually only wear them if I leave the house for the day (so, um never? LOL)

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