Thursday, January 24, 2008

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Well, first I have to say that I was pretty upset when I learned that Heath Ledger died. He was one of my favorite actors, and I had collected some good pictures of him on Flickr, which promptly started receiving comments and favorites like "the second" his death hit the news. This is the first time that a celebrity has died and I felt like he was someone I knew. I know that sounds bizarre and stalker-ish, which I really am not, but I got the same sad and sinking feeling that you get when you hear that someone you actually know has died. You know the feeling, right? I guess I felt connected to it because he has a daughter and I just kept thinking of his daughter and it made me feel terrible. I thought instantly of how varied his roles were, from way back in "Ten Things I Hate About You" to "A Knight's Tale", "Brother's Grim", "Candy", and my personal Favorite, "Cassanova." The second my sister found out she text messaged me, which led me to call my husband, who had also "just heard." That night we talked about how we had been planning to see him badly as the Joker in the upcoming Batman. It really is unbelievable. I hope he is in a better place.

Recently there have been a rash of purchases made on my end, including a brand new looking toddler seat from a co-worker for $25, which I think will go to my mom or be kept with me as a spare seat. For Christmas, Mom and Dad bought Ardyn her "big girl" carseat that will go in my vehicle, and I would like to purchase one more seat that is identical to put in Evan's car. I like the way the seat that we bought has cupholders and also has so much padding and a really nice 5-point harness that releases and tightens with one hand. I would like to have the same seat in Evan's vehicle, but it will be nice to own a spare seat in case she has to ride with a family member, or if perhaps I have to cart around someone else's toddler. It is a nice nice seat, usually runs about $70 but I got it from a really nice lady for $25. She had bought it for her grandkids and used it when they were with her, so it was really well taken care of and barely used.

I also just bought Ardyn a Bummi's Swim Diaper (yellow print at left- unisex so good for future babies) in the Pizzazz print, and also an iPlay Swim Diaper and Hat Set (the yellow and pink one- iPlay is deemed the best on the market) from a mom on diaperswappers. I was debating on a baby wetsuit, but decided to stick with diapers for now and see how she does in the pool. She already has swim gear (suit and coverup and two swim hats) for this coming summer, but We want to start taking her to the pool and perhaps to an Aquatotz class at the YMCA, but she doesn't have any swim gear that fits her now. Plus she needed a swim dipe. Excited about those arriving and taking her to the pool this winter/spring. She LOVES the water, loves the bathtub, and Evan and I agree that we want her to have an early start. If they had baby swimming lessons in this podunk area, I would take her to those too!

We just did a HUGE Stock up on laundry detergent and oxiboost. I bought a 5 gallon bucket of Charlie's Detergent, which should last into the next millenium. LOL. It's a tablespoon a load, so that's 1280 loads of laundry from the 5 gallon bucket. I am also pretty meticulous about her clothes, so I am constantly going through Oxyclean baby. I should buy stock in that stuff! But since they only sell it at Target in our area, each time we make the 35-40 minute drive to Target I buy like FOUR Containers. So from the same vendor that I bought our soap, I bought a 12 pound Tub of Oxyboost that can be used on her clothes and the diapers. Can't wait for that to get here. Also got a wetbag pail liner for the nursery diaper pail, I figure I might as well just get one since I will be using cloth for future babes as well. Using disposable diaper pail bags becomes a real pain when you replace it each night, and on top of that it isn't very "green" and it really is stinkier than a wet bag (which has the ability to add Tea Tree Oil to assist with odor control."

Since she just moved into 3-6 months size, I got 5 pair of baby gap yoga pants on eBay for cheap, and bought 8 long sleeved onesies by Gerber since she is out of white onesies that fit her, and only has 5 onesies that fit her at all. Which, when you wear two a day, and potentially more if you leak through a diaper or get something on you at daycare, that is NOT enough.

We also recently bought some super cute baby legwarmers (5 pair) from a mom on diaperswappers, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. They make diaper changes so easy. Just put on a onesie and legwarmers and socks and she is cozy, comfy for playing or sleeping, and diaper changes are a total breeze. She has worn the Black and red Argyle, Pink Striped, and White with Flowers already. I just love them. We always knew legwarmers would be back....

After work tonight Ardyn and I went out for supper to 6&34 with my mom and sister Liz. We had a great time and were having a celebration that Liz kicked her boyfriend out again. Hopefully this time it's for good! Ardyn had a great time bouncing on Liz's lap and Pulling on her hair. I had chicken tacos that were delicious.

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