Monday, January 07, 2008

64 degrees

So it's 64 degrees. And there is a Tornado Watch and a Thunderstorm Warning. On January 7th. In Illinois. Need anymore proof of global warming? LOL.

All the snow melted by Saturday morning. It was 64 on Sunday too. I washed my car on Saturday. I also did TONS of other stuff. We have been on the run this weekend... I keep saying I am going to blog... but keep doing things like researching online and laundry instead.

So I don't think I have been here to mention that we are going to start cloth diapering. It's part of our green resolutions... and also part of containing breastfed poo. I have been researching for a couple of weeks now. It's a large investment, and a lot to learn.... but the money is well saved in the long run, Especially if you use the diapers for multiple children. And the environmental impact it has is overwhelming.

Just a few things we have bought in preparation.... 6 Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Pocket Diapers, with 6 microfiber inserts. 6 Hemp Inserts for a Knickernappies Disposanots Diaper- that's a KND in cloth diaper lingo. (I won a new KND in lavender from a website) I also bought 6 pounds of Charlie's Natural Soap. Your soap choice is a HUGE part of cloth diapering. You have to either change your entire laundry soap routine, or run a rinse cycle in your machine before each load of cloth diapers (CD in the lingo.) We will be switching to an all natural detergent without dyes, oils, scents, or emollients. For everything. It only takes 2 tablespoons per load of laundry. I also bought a cute Wet Bag, which is a fabric zippered bag lined with a plastic like interior, where wet and dirty cloth diapers and cloth wipes are stored when you are out and about (or at daycare in our case.) That arrived today.

I bought two Bum Genius 3.0's, which are a One Size pocket diaper with velcro closures... to test out. I also purchased some used misc small fitted diapers... and small pockets.... to play around with. At the end of this week I will be getting a paycheck finally (YAY!) and then I should be able to invest in a full stock of cloth diapers. I am expecting to have to purchase about 26 diapers if I want to CD full time and wash every 2-3 days. New Cloth Diapers range about from $15-22 EACH (yes each diaper) and can be cheaper if you buy them in large lots, as you get a discount. I also have all of my cloth wipes ready to go. I purchased tea tree oil to use as an anti-microbial in our wipes warmer (assuming she doesn't get a rash from it) and also bought a huge bunch of infant washcloths which we will use as washable wipes.

Evan and I are both SO excited! We had our first "date" (just the two of us) since Ardyn was born last September, and we went to Home Depot to buy a utility sink for the laundry room. I am so excited I can barely stand it! We got a double utility sink and a NICE and EXPENSIVE industrial strength stainless steel faucet with a big sprayer built in. I also got two new shelves for the wall of the laundry room, which will allow a place to put my detergents and brushes and things that I keep down there, and get rid of a plastic PVC shelf that I had previously, which will save floor space and give me more room to work. I have to admit that while most people hate laundry, I get a big satisfaction from folding piles of fluffy towels and silky baby blankets. I also love hanging up all Ardyn's little clothes. I live for the day when her hamper is full. I could really care less about our clothes, but I do take a read pride in hers... and love how soft and sweet and small they are.

So after our Friday night Home Depot trip, we went to Target- and we also ate at Steak N Shake. Saturday morning Ardyn and I drove to see our friend Melissa, who I have known since 1998-99. She is a teacher, specifically in preschool and ECE, and also ran a licensed Daycare center from her home. She is a mom to three cloth diapered boys, and has been at this for about 5 years. We got to try on some of her diapers, and see her stash of different brands/types/and sizes, and also ask all kinds of questions about stuffing, washing, preferences, etc. It was great, and nice to visit. Ardyn got to meet her 8 month old son Cameron, who was army crawling as fast as I can walk. On the way home I stopped at a different Wal-Mart and they had completely different children's and infant's items than our local store, so I got some washcloths (wipes) and a few pairs of pants and a neat pack of onesies, using up a gift card that Ardyn got for Christmas. then we went to my mom's house for a visit and to work on her computer and setup her new iPod.

to be continued.....


Michelle said...

Kudos to you for going green! I need to make some changes myself to help out the environment. Good luck with the CD!

Anonymous said...

I used cloth diapers when my daughter came along and she will be 18 on the 29th of January. People then thought I was crazy, but they were much less expensive and better for the enviroment. I didn't go to the extent that you are going as I just purchased the cloth ones by the dozed at Walmart. I did get the prefolded though, and liked them. I just wore the last one out on cleaning just last year. That was a great investment. Good luck!!!

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