Thursday, January 10, 2008

Don't Ever Order from the Company Kids Store... and along came a spider....

Yesterday were shots. 4 month shots. Of course she couldn't get an HIB shot because Merck recalled all those shots, and they had to switch to a different brand for the other combination shot, because Merck recalled them all. This combo shot gives a stronger reaction at the injection site, which we noticed first thing this morning. Last time she had shots, she had no redness/swelling/bruising.... This morning she had a hard lump and redness/swelling at one of the injection sites. But the tylenol seems to help and she is overall in good spirits. Last night she was thrilled to breastfeed and be cuddled. She did play in her jumparoo for quite a while when Evan was making supper, so that was good. She slept for two hours after we left the Doctor's office. We switched Dr's to Dr. Taylor, who we love. She is so nice, answers questions, provides information, and is really up on breastfeeding and the AAP reccomdations. She doesn't advocate all the crap that "people have done for 20 years" just because they have done it for 20 years. She is straightforward and takes any worries you may have away. It's really nice and refreshing. Also it's a huge excitement that she actually wants to HOLD the baby. Talk to her, make her smile and laugh.... It was a pleasant experience.

I made an appointment with her for myself, since I had my cholesterol checked (ANGELA! Because of YOU!) and it's HIGH. The LDL's are high. So this morning I ate my oatmeal. And last night when Evan made breakfast for supper he made me Egg Beaters and 15 grain toast with Cholesterol free (not butter) spread and the lowest cholesterol and fat bacon he could find. It's my personal belief that my cholesterol is high as a side effect of breastfeeding. Not because Breastfeeding itself makes your cholesterol high, but because I have to eat TWICE what I am used to eating in order to stop myself from rapidly losing weight and keep producing the milk I need to feed the beeb. Every time I don't eat a ton of food, or if I just have a salad or something, I see a decrease in my milk. I have to keep eating. I am burning calories over here like CRAZY and I need to teach myself better about what has cholesterol, and try to find foods that are high in calories but low in cholesterol. Is that even POSSIBLE? Ugh. So after seeing what my cholesterol was, Evan has agreed that he needs to get his checked too. So today I made an appointment for him at the end of the month.

I ate salad for lunch today, with a grilled chicken breast, and a side of steamed veggies. That can't hurt, right?

Since I always have a project.... I am just dying to get down to the basement and do some sewing. I have fabric and patterns, plus patterns in my head for about 15 different things. I still haven't made the curtains for my sewing room or the table skirt for the sewing room table. Ugh. I wanted to make some puzzle bags with corded drawstrings to keep Beeb's Wooden Melissa and Doug Puzzles in. I have the fabric, and some matching ribbons and rick rack and matching fabric letters so that I can label the bags according to what the puzzles are. I Have considered zippering the bags, and I have the zippers too, but am a little curious as to which method a small child would be able to work first.... a zipper or a drawstring? Time to contact Melissa, my ECE/preschool teacher buddy, and get her thoughts. (done!) I am also starting to drool over a Serger, but without spending some time in the sewing room first, to prove to my husband that it's worth the money (and really to myself also) I can't see myself buying one. But at the same time I am thinking that if I actually start to apply myself, I could be making my own diapers AND my own mamma pads (don't I sound crunchy now?!) and make them out of my own patterns and colors and to my own preferences. I bought an embroidered dipe and I am telling myself how bizarre it is that I love to embroider, and if I was making the dipes myself I could totally embroider them myself too. Whew. If there were only about 14 more hours in the day. And this brings me to thinking about cleaning my sewing room again (haven't done it since before being preggo) and getting myself down there along with an excersaucer to contain and allow the Beeb to hang with me.

The new shelves arrived for her room today, I can't wait to get them assembled and start putting toys on them! I ordered them from Company Kids store and I have to tell you, I will never order from them again. They sent $300 of furniture via the United States Post Office. They didn't give me an option to choose a different shipping method and their shipping page said that furniture and heavyweight items are sent by ground. And they sent these USPS, and since there is no "home delivery" by the USPS where we live, we had to go to the post office with the SUV to load them up and take them home ourselves. It's my opinion that if you are going to charge me $20+ dollars for delivery on furniture, you had damn well better DELIVER the furniture to my house and not make me go to the Post Office to pick it up myself. I called them and asked for a refund on shipping but even after talking to three people They wouldn't do anything to correct the situation, or refund my shipping costs, or even admit they may have done something potentially wrong or unfair. (the first two people insisted that I could change my shipping option with a drop down box on their website, when there wasn't a drop-down box- I even went online and put the same items in my cart while I was on the phone to prove that I don't have an option to change the shipping or choose my own carrier.) So basically I told them that I will never purchase from them again, and that I will tell every single person I know never to purchase from them. And I am a person who sticks to my guns. So I hope the shelves arrive in great shape and all perfect, because I don't want to have to deal with them again because I know that customer service is not a priority for them. If I could do it over I would order from Pottery Barn Kids or Land of Nod, as I have always been more than happy with them and their service in the past.

Sunday I got bit by a brown spider. I was so upset. We were all in the office and I went to get bouncy seat ready so that Evan could sit the Beebs in it, and there was a spider in/on the seat, which got onto my hand and bit the ever loving shit out of me. I felt it stinging and looked down and freaked when I saw a biting spider attached to my thumb. I did the "jump up and down like my hand is on fire whilst shaking my hand like a wild woman" thing, and the spider stayed attached, so I actually had to use my opposite hand to brush him off, and scream "Ahhhhhhhhh!" while my husband (armed with baby) tried to figure out what in the holy hell was going on. I kept saying "It bit me!" and he sat down the Beebs and proceeded to stab the spider into oblivion with the handles of nearby scissors. Then he picked it up with tweezers, put it into a small metal tin, and inspected it under my craft light to determine that it was not a brown widow. All the while I was pacing back and forth, cursing every spider on earth, waiting for the venom to take hold and rot my flesh away. I spoke of death and how Evan could tell the Beeb that I died sacrificing myself to protect her from the poisonous spider in her bouncy seat. Then when we discovered that it was a yellow sack spider, I put Caladryl clear on the bite, which was now red and a bit swollen, and went down to switch the laundry. Then I called my mom in case I died soon. Then Evan read me internet advice on what to watch for with allergic reactions to spiders. That was Sunday.

To be continued.... as I can only seem to half-empty my brain at a time.

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