Monday, January 28, 2008

Ardyn's 5 Month Pics ~Taken by Mom!~

Monday. It's back. Today we got up LOTS early. So since we had to go elsewhere to take showers last night because our bathtub is clogged (and the bathroom sink is turned off because of the leak) I was already clean this morning and my straggly kinky bedhead went right back in a twist. I was ready to leave the house TWO HOURS before I have to be at work. I clipped Ardyn's nails, changed her onesie and socks and diaper again, did a load of laundry, picked up for the cleaning people, and decided to do a blog posting.

Last night Ardyn and I ran to Wal-Mart to buy some flannel and some microfiber towels (from the automotive section) so that I can sew some diaper inserts. I was pleased to again use my reusable bags at Wal-Mart.... and this time since I knew the cashier and have for years, she was praising me for using them, instead of the last cashier who was about 20 and wanted to kill me with the daggers being shot out by her eyeballs when she thought I wasn't looking. She doesn't know, however, that since I am now a mom, I have that "eyes in the back of my head thing" that I inherited from my mom. I washed everything (fabric and towels) last night, and hopefully tonight I can throw out my first prototype. Got some cool colors, greens, yellows, turquoises, and pinks.... and some baby blue and white also. Cool patterned flannels.... but I will show you with pics when I am done. Today the Loopy Do Inserts for the Knickernappies Disposanots arrived, and also the iPlay swim diaper that I bought from the mamma on Diaperswappers. Also got the shopping cart seat/cover.

Over the weekend we battled with teething again a bit, she was in good spirits on Saturday but was feverish that night and all day Sunday. She took two 3-hour naps on Saturday and then several short 45 minute naps on Sunday. Sunday she pretty much woke up fussy, drooled and chewed on everything, and was cranky. She had that low grade fever for the past 3-4 days, but Sunday it was a bit higher and it was affecting her more, so she did get a dose of Tylenol which finally brought it down and allowed her to feel better and sleep better. Even though her Tylenol had long since worn off by bedtime, she slept through the night. Poor Beeb.

Evan's mom and aunt visited on Saturday, and that afternoon Evan and I took some new pictures of Ardyn. Consider these her "5 month" pictures. I will add a few here- the rest are on Flickr. They turned out great, and it saved us about $140 at Sears. The hat was a gift from Evan's cousin Aaron and his wife Brenda for Christmas, she picked it up at a baby boutique and I loved it instantly. The teacup was a giant planter that I bought at Wal-Mart a while back (read:years) and the black fabric backdrop is just some fabric that Evan bought at Wal-Mart for me when I was on pregnant, on bed rest, and frantic that I hadn't bought any yet. We used the crib bars (side) as the backdrop and put the fabric over it and one the floor.

Today at noon I am getting my hair cut. Off. I told myself I wasn't going to do the "mom cut" thing but I am so tired of how long it takes to dry my long thick hair, and I usually just end up pulling it back, and I need a change. I don't keep my hair one way for long, and It has been long since before I got pregnant, I pretty much am ready for a change. I have my style all picked out and I am happy to be getting it done today so I can stop hemming and hawing over the decision and just have it be made. My hair grows so fast that it would be this long again in a year or so, If I wanted to grow it out again. I miss having big hair. I love to tease and spray and long straight hair just bores me after a while. So, chop chop!

Over the weekend I ordered my snap press, and the #20 Die, and some industrial Polyacetal snaps. I will add these to my mamma pads and eventually to my own cloth diapers. I also bought the poo pockets diaper patterns (The original, the side snapping, and the tiny poo pocket patterns), and hope to sew all my own diapers in the next size she wears. I also need to get my butt in gear and start making tiny poo pockets for the next baby we have. The good news is that I had an advertising agency from Chicago approach me, wanting to purchase the rights to use a photo that I took, for a large ad campaign for a Chicago bank. The picture goes to the bank this week, and they will choose which ad they want, and if they choose my picture, let's just say that I am using the money to buy a Serger for myself so that I can crank things out quickly and not do all this stitching, turning, and trimming with the Singer machine.


MrsThompson said...

Those are some great photos! By all means save the money... Heck I would pay you!

Stacey said...

Those pics are so darn cute!
Can't wait to hear about the ad agency pics... will keep my fingers crossed for ya!

I think you could be the next "FAB" baby photographer! Have you ever thought about that?

Michelle said...

I haven't even read the blog yet but had to say that those pictures are so frickin' cute!

PCinAZ said...

Those pictures are excellent!

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