Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Welcome Anonymous Visitors.

Do you know that 49 people came to this blog yesterday? And not one of them commented? Oh what a lonely world. LOL. Of course this usually brings out the "anonymous" commenter. The one who says "YOU SUCK" and "I will never come back here" and then.... low and behold, they are back again! It amazes me, on a daily basis, how little the average person knows about the way the internet works. How little they know about how I can track your IP Address, your city and state, how long you were here, what you searched to get here, where you went when you left here, and what search engine you used to find me. As a web designer, the general population sometimes astounds me with the things they don't realize about the internet. This isn't meant to sound degrading. But it reminds me that just when I think that I am just your average run of the mill mom.... I do know SOMETHING that not everyone knows. Ah the power.

So today was the first day of cloth diapers at daycare. It is SO exciting! They are going wonderfully at home and I am LOVING THEM! My husband has suggested that I get myself a snap press and a serger, so that I can start making dipes myself, and perhaps then when she gets to the next size up, instead of buying I can just make them all. I am just super excited about that.... and if I play my cards right I can also start making tiny ones for the next little baby that we have (not yet people but soon!) I recently acquired 5 pair of babylegs. Can't wait to try those out.

So yesterday, Evan called me at work, and asked me if I had worked hard enough to earn my $40 for the week yet. LOL. He cracks me up. This morning when we loaded everything up to head off for the day, I promised him I would have a good day and work hard for my money. My $40 that is. Although it's depressing, we seem to be having a good laugh of it, which makes it easier to deal with.

I slept well last night, until about 4:30 this morning when Hadley had to go outside. He was doing the pee dance about 4 feet from my head, nails clicking on the wood floor. He only does that if he has to go... so up I went and let him out. Then I let Boyd out, and by that time my body thought I was up for the day and I started to leak milk. I checked on the beeb, and lay my hand on her chest, but she stayed asleep so I just decided to pump rather than wake her up. Then I couldn't get back to sleep. So I lay awake until about 6:45. FINALLY I fell asleep, and at 7:14 the beebs was wide awake and calling for me. So I went back and changed her, and we rushed back to my bed because it was cold and her little feet and hands were like ice cubes! I stripped off her sleeper and socks and we snuggled skin to skin, and she ate. And ate. And ate. And then we both fell back to sleep next to daddy, all cuddled up. She kept rubbing her little cold feet on my belly and eventually while she nursed I just wrapped my hands around them. We finally drug our asses out of bed at 8:34. Her little body was like a heater after being stripped down and laying next to me for an hour or so. She didn't want to get up so she and Evan lay in bed for another 15 minutes while I did my hair and brushed my teeth.

My mom and I are taking the beeb to the Quad Cities this weekend to go to a big sewing store and see all their Sergers. I have read that Husqvarna has the best reviews on Sergers, and they are a dealer.... so we are going on our merry way. Probably stop at Michaels and the mall while we are there. Should be a good time! We will take the stroller and I will also pack the babyhawk. It will be our first big trip out in cloth dipes. She has been to Wal-Mart and obviously to school.... but this should be great. I can't wait! Have a great night!


Michelle said...

HI ... I popped in ... read ... commented ... and went on my merry way. Have a good day!

Amber said...

Hey, I always check/read but sometimes don't have enough time to post. You know how that goes with a 4 mth old!

How can I check to see how many people visited my blog? I would LOVE to know!

PCinAZ said...

Guilty! :( I love to read your posts but don't always comment. Great job with the cloth diapering. My older two kids, now 20 and 17, were in cloth diapers and it was great. I had a diaper service "back in the day" though, and you had to use diaper pins and plastic pants but it was still nice to put a fresh soft cotton diaper on them.

Amber said...

I got my statcounter up and running! Now everyone needs to come and visit so I don't feel like now loves me! LOL

Thanks Lady!

Mylie and Me said...

Hi! Never commented before, there is always time for a first. I have read your blog for a while now, I think Stephanie from PC directed me to your site.

I feel your pain with the work situation. I delt with the same thing a few months ago. My girl is 9 months now. I decided to stay home after countless nights of frustration. It has been wonderful for our family. Keep strong, you will find your way. If it is ment to be it will work its way out.

You go girl, with the cloth diapers! I am inspired.

Emily said...

hey! sorry i haven't commented either... i'm a tired soul.

hey. I want to know how to put a picture in my header. You think you could help me, miss web designer? Please? PM me on FF (kemilyt) or leave a comment on my blog!

hope you are well. give the beeb a hug from me and Will.

Stephanie said...

I'm guilty as well, but visit daily! I'm glad everything is going well for you guys!

You should pop by my blog sometime, too :-)

Stephie306 from wlpc2

MrsThompson said...

Well I'm here daily... and hardly ever comment... I love the way you write from the heart... and the hip :)

My husband and I are working on our first child... We are having a few fertility issues and I noticed that you stated you had some issues getting little Ardyn... I also noticed that was never really posted... and I'm wondering if now that you have Ardyn if you have any tricks???

Kim - met you via WLPC

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