Monday, January 21, 2008

I love being boring.

We had the most relaxing weekend. Basically, I never left the house. I pretty much cuddled and nursed the baby, played with her, washed laundry and diapers, hand washed some dishes, made food, and read "Salem Falls" By Jodi Picoult. I also watched "Britney Spears Fall From Grace" During one of Ardyn's naps, wrote out all the bills, gave her a bath, took my own bath, and wore pajamas all weekend. It was good. It was very good. I also organized a binder to keep her daycare papers and our daycare receipts in. i was going to do a little sewing, but I really wanted to finish the book before I have to go back to the library on Wednesday. I have three of the four I checked out finished, one more Jodi Picoult book to start and finish before then. I don't think I can accomplish that (I could without a baby, no problem) but at least I only have one book to renew instead of two. Or Three. Or Four.

We are still waiting for Ardyn to poop. I know that sounds bizarre to a non-parent, but that's what your brain does. And tomorrow will be seven days without a poop. Most moms who feed formula are probably having a heart attack and worrying seriously that I am insane for not taking her right to the doctor, but at around 3-4 months of age, most breastfed babies make a switch from pooping once or twice a day, to pooping once a week or so. It's mostly due to the fact that breastmilk is constantly changing, and it is easily digested (more so than formula) so they are able to really use and digest everything in the breastmilk and have less waste. So for right now, I am not really worried about it, but I am watching for something "explosive" that is bound to happen sooner or later. Hopefully sooner. And hopefully at daycare. Ha. We did a special infant massage session last night where I did more stomach and leg massage and have been encouraging "bicycle" leg movements twice a day to help get things moving, but I don't think there is a problem as she hasn't been unusually fussy or anything.

Cloth Diapering. Is. A breeze. I can't believe how easy it is and why more people don't do it. I am loving the hemparoos inserts the best. Hemp holds MUCH more liquid than cotton or microfiber. It has a slower absorbency, but the beeb is more of a trickle pee-er.... so that isn't a big deal and hasn't affected us at all. We now have quite the Cloth Stash built up, including a tiny tush one size, 2 Bum Genius 3.0 One Sizes, 6 Snapeez Mediums, 3 Ewe Need It Mediums, 6 Medium Knickernappies Disposanots, 3 Small Happy Heineys, 1 Small Embroidered Green Acre Designs, 2 small Fuzzi Bunz, 6 Medium Fuzzi Bunz, and 4 Small Drybees. So about 34 diapers, and various inserts. The BG 3.0 inserts and doublers are very nice, she won't leak through them at night, but they are bulky. We tend to only use the BG overnight, and perhaps when we are home on the weekends. They are too bulky under her clothes. That might change once we can unsnap the onesizes from their smallest size, which tends to add bulk. The Tiny Tush seems to run a bit smaller than the BG 3.0, but we also use it mostly for overnight. Problem is the insert isn't nearly as nice so I have to double up, making it as bulky or even more than the BG 3.0 is. The Ewe Need It's are nice, but not my favorite. I think that I would be the most happy with FB's, KND's, and GAD's. I like the Snapeez a ton also. Actually she tends to wear these as much as the Fuzzi Bunz. But I try to put hemp inserts in everything, whether it be KND Hemp or Hemparoo Smalls. Washing is a breeze. Loving loving loving it.

Thanks to all the wallflowers who popped in to comment. It was so nice to have people visit! I need to write back, but haven't yet, and I wanted to get this post up as it has been a while (again) since I have posted. Oh the woes of being back to work and feeling like I have too much to do when I finally AM at home. Sometimes I just want to do nothing!

Mom and I didn't end up going to Neal's to look at Sergers this past weekend. She has a cold, and it was in the single digits and very windy.... maybe another time. Most of my communication with the outside world has been existing with a group of moms online, who all had their babies in September of 2007. We are really pretty close knit, on a first name basis and know each other's baby's by sight. I started an online photo sharing group for us, and we have to two message boards, and they are really a great group of moms. If I ever have a question, they are the first place I go. I trust their advice and experience immensely. It's really nice to have them. There are also breastfeeding and cloth diapering forums that I belong to, and then there is Diaperswappers, where addicts like me go to learn and swap/buy/sell Diapers and related items. I realized today that I haven't paid full retail price for a single diaper yet. Ahhh.... wheeling and dealing. So we are technically Recycling and Cloth Diapering all in one! YAY!

Oh, and how Could I forget to mention that on Friday night, CB and I went to LH's house and had a mini-scrapbooking night where she demo'd some Tim Holtz Techniques for us and we made collages between microscope slides. I need to upload the pictures of my finished piece. Good fun. I loved it. The coolest was that when we got there (It was freezing cold, seriously) LH opened the big doors to her shed, and we drove right inside and unloaded our supplies and stuff. Totally awesome. She also made Chili and Texas Sheetcake, and bought Tornado Sandwiches from Spaghetti Express. I learned a lot, and LH let me borrow her two Tim Holtz DVD's. I am almost through the first DVD, and I have gotten so many ideas it's insane. I am feeling like I need to own adirondack inks, alcohol inks, and a few other things.... like a good background collage stamp. And can I just say that he does a fabulous batik silk scarf dying session, that gave me goosebumps? Whew!


Wirthy said...

Most of my weekends are spent laying around the house, waiting for me to poop. :)

Mylie and Me said...

Waiting for poop? Girl, I know just what you mean. Mylie was a once a weeker as well. I think at one time it was 10 days. As long as she is passing gas, all is well.
Your baby girl is beautiful! Have a great week!

Michelle said...

The brand names of your cloth diapers crack me up! I wish I knew it was easy to cloth diaper, probably would've saved me a load of cash!

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