Friday, January 25, 2008

Ten Teenie Things to Make the World Greener

1. Turn off the Water when brushing your teeth (Barney has a song that {Unfortunately} I sing to Ardyn each morning while brushing my teeth... "I never let the water run.")

2. Unplug your cell phone charger when not in use. (ohhh I think there are THREE Cell phone chargers plugged in at our house right now. Bad bad.)

3. Use a revolving Door. (Well, not many of those in these parts.)

4. Shut down your computer down at night (Hmmm..... We have four running at our house, but they automatically go into standby mode- and the laptops then turn "off.")

5. Wear Fleece. (?)

6. Enjoy a meatless meal once a week. (Okay, is this green, or just vegetarian? Angela help?)

7. Use a manual Can Opener (We have both. Sometimes I use manual. i.e. when someone unplugs mine and it is not charged.)

8. Adjust thermostat one degree up in the summer and one degree down in the winter. (Well, the best I can do on this is to reprogram my thermostat which needs to be done anyway.)

9. Drive one mile per hour slower.

10. Replace one closet lightbulb with an energy saving fluorescent bulb. (Evan and I have been discussing this. I guess the closet is a good place to start. I hate fluorescent lighting and generally use the reveal bulbs at home, but who cares in a closet, right?)

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Joyelle said...

Hi - Hope your Dad & Roger's trip went ok. I'm Roger Jr's wife-I think we've met once before. Anyway, Wanda told me about your blog a few times and I've finally had a little time to check it out. Just wanted to say that Ardyn is a beautiful baby and I love her name! And funny thing - our new baby is Grace Isabel! :-) Great minds and all... :-) Anyhooo, just wanted to say howdy - I've had blog stalkers before (including an ex-boss and a co-worker's crazy husband!), so now you'll at least know whose IP address this is! :-) Take care!

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