Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Well, of course, Happy 2008. I wonder how many posts I begin with the word "Well"? Too many. But I already have a resolution, so I guess I can keep up with that behavior all year if I want.

Last night was an okay night. I had chili in the crock pot, and taco dip with rice and hamburger in another crock pot. I also made 4-mini loaves of corn bread from scratch. I got to try out the Organic Corn Meal that I bought at the Amish Country Lane Market outside Tampico. It was DELICIOUS! This is not your jiffy mix cornbread, that's for darn sure! Sweet and crumbly. Yum.

So Evan and I ate and the beebs sat in her high chair at the table with us. We sang silly songs. Then we watched TV. Grandpa and Grandma Rodgers popped in for a visit. Grandpa ate chili and cornbread and used the internet, while Grandma held Ardyn and chatted with her. Then Grandma ate taco dip and cornbread. Eventually it was time for Ardyn's bed, so grandma and grandpa left. By that time Evan was napping in bed. I watched some TV and read the new issue of Mothering magazine. Then Evan woke up, and I pumped milk and went to bed myself. I saw the ball drop at 11pm CST, and poor Old Dick Clark doing his best to keep up with the countdown and trying to speak as clearly as possible. Evan gave me a kiss and said happy new year when I climbed into bed, and then I was out like a light.

Ardyn woke up at 3:30 and wouldn't go back to sleep. I was trying to let her play until she was tired, and Evan said "Do you want me to go get her and bring her to you?" and I said "If you go get her, she's all yours. I am too tired and I am not getting up." He didn't like that plan, so he went back to sleep, and eventually her playing turned to crying and so I gave her a pacifier and she slept till 4:30. Then I went back and got her, and changed her, and fed her, and lay her in bed with me and we slept till about 9:20 this morning. Thank god.

This morning we decided that we were going to trek to grandma's to help her with her computer and her new iPod. Well, it took FOREVER to get going. I was ready by 10am. Then I decided to call Anya. She wasn't home so I waited a while. Then I worked on my computer. Then we took new year's pics of Ardyn. Then I decided we were just going to go. As we were getting ready, Evan went to put gas in the SUV so I could take it, and grandpa Bob showed up with the 4-wheeler to kindly plow our driveway! About this time Ardyn was SO tired and SO fussy she was driving me bonkers. Once the driveway was done, we just decided to take off. Route 6 wasn't bad. When we got to Route 40 I was delighted to see that it was clear! This wasn't going to be so bad! Then about a quarter of a mile later, 40 turned to a nightmare. The usual blowing snow, white-out conditions, and drifts covering the entire southbound lane. Ugh. I got all the way down route 40 to Manlius, and then saw that Manlius township wasn't plowed, and that the white out was twice as bad because it was an east-west road and all open country. It was terrible. I realized that I might make it to mom and dad's, but we would never make it back. We could only stay a couple of hours if that because it would be getting dark before long, and because it appeared that route 40 would be down to one lane or completely closed very soon due to the snow. I called mom. I was sad. But Ardyn and I turned around and drift busted all the way home. Bummer.

So that was our New Year's Day... and now I am cleaning up all the dishes from last night, running the dishwasher, and sterilizing bottles and breast pumps for tomorrow. Ugh. It would have been smarter to stay home, but I had been home all weekend and on New Year's Eve, and it just felt like a day to get out of the house. Well... we did, but not for long.

The house was spotless yesterday when I got home- the cleaning people had been here and I had everything picked up. Now it looks terrible after making all that food and hanging out being lazy. Ardyn is napping and I am beginning to terribly regret that I am not napping with her. Sleepy!


Michelle said...

Happy New Years to you and your family!

PCinAZ said...

Ardyn looks so cute here as a New Year Baby for 2008! She looks a lot like you Meagan. :)

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