Saturday, October 18, 2008

Where's the Garbage Again?

So today in the kitchen, I see two Q-tips inside a chicken noodle soup can that I had rinsed out and ready to recycle. Since Ardyn can’t reach the counter, I have to assume this is a gift from my husband, who found it easier to put them in a soup can instead of walking to the kitchen garbage.

Today was a BUSY day for me. After lunch I packed up 99 percent of my scrapbook room and loaded 50% of that in the van. Evan loaded the rest and then I took everything to my moms, where my sister, mom, Ardyn, and I set everything up in my old bedroom, which has been redone. That got half of the room cleared to become Ardyn’s. Then after spending the afternoon there, Ardyn and I came home. She fell asleep in the van and I carried her inside and lay her on her mat with a blanket under her, in her jacket, and she slept on the floor for another 15 minutes before waking up and eating a late supper. Then I rearranged the dining room to find a spot for the computer desk, filing cabinet, and the computer. That was no small task. Then when Evan got home we unloaded the desk a bit and put it on the magic mover disks, and moved it into the dining room where I dusted it, re-organized it, threw out stuff we don’t need, and then hooked everything back up so I could blog before calling it a night. I was supposed to wash diapers but I got all busy and forgot and now I am so doggone tired that I will have to wait till tomorrow.

I am hoping that tomorrow I can take the paper sorters and craft lockers to moms and then work on what to do with the remaining stuff in the office, so that I can start working on making that the Beebs new bedroom/toy room. Right now I have moved about half of her toys in there. Whew. I need to find a home for my scrapbook table. I love that table and getting rid of it is NOT an option. Evan bought it for me, along with one for himself, at an old school sale, and that nice of a table is hard to come by. It’s nice and deep so that two people can really work (across from each other) comfortably, unlike on a foldable buffet table.
I decided to keep just a few things from the scrapbook room in a handy tote here, like my journaling pens, my cutter bee and honey bee scissors, my Xyron X, an adhesive runner, my tweezer bees, and a paper cutter and corner rounder. These things come in handy for trimming photos and making projects that are crafty for the Beebs, like her mummy card and her toothbrush and soap signs. I would hate to want to trim photos or something and not have my stuff and have to drive to my moms. That would drive me bonkers. I also decided to keep my ribbons and put them in the sewing room because I use them for both purposes.
The cool thing is that now I can sit in the dining room at the computer and not be right next to Ardyn’s room, and I can be near her during the day in the living room and also see into her new bedroom if she wants to play with toys. If I have to do some web design it will work out nicely. This is not the first choice for my computer location, but considering the circumstances, it will work out. I also have the Homemedics Shiatsu Heated Chair Massager on the computer chair now, so I can get my daily shiatsu massage. Yay! My in-laws gave us one as a Christmas gift last year, and it really is fabulous! Especially after a long day of being pregnant and moving a bunch of furniture and stuff around.

Today I got online a bit at my parents and read up on Rice milk in toddlers. I guess even though you can purchase fortified rice milk in vitamin A, D, etc… it is still really low in protein. Then I discovered that several moms buy “toddler health” which is a protein powder based of oat or rice, and it can be mixed with juice or rice milk to give a toddler more protein when they have dairy or soy allergies. I found many moms whose children had not just dairy allergies, but accompanying soy allergies or intolerance. It’s like $28.00 for a bigger sized powdered container of toddler health, but all the moms cite that it is really worth it. I will likely wait until our Ped appointment in a week in order to make the decision to use it or not, but I need to remember to get online and print out details because with my luck the ped hasn’t even heard of it.
I am also wondering about vitamins. I am sick of vitamin drops. If the kid can chew a pork chop, surely she can have a gummy vitamin? Any other moms give their toddler gummy vitamins? Beebs can eat fruit snacks and she has had a gummy bear before with no issues, so I don’t see why it would be a big deal. But all the vitamins say like over 2 or over 3 or something. I am not sure if that is because of what is in the vitamin or because they don’t want some kid to choke. ‘

So let’s talk a little bit about being pregnant. I still often forget that I am, except I do have a bigger belly. The midwife is very excited that my belly is just perfectly sized. I haven’t gained any weight, which is great, and I really do feel pretty good. As long as I don’t think about labor, I am fine. I did so much prep last time for hypnobirthing and a waterbirth and no pain meds, but like 12 hours into the damn thing I was not so thrilled and when they decided to give my pitocin I insisted on the epidural; although I didn’t get a full epidural, just a bolus, so I never really felt much pain relief. I was so damn hot in the waterbirth tub and I kept getting out to pee and it was just not for me. But I also know that when I was in the tub and SUPER hot, I was also in transition (for like HOURS) and stuck between an 8 and 9 for about 3 hours and then between a 9 and 10 for about 4 more hours. To walk in at 6cm at 8am and not get to a 10 until 11pm was insane.

I sometimes think that had I been able to get into the water before that transition phase and get relaxed and get a feel for the water and how to position myself, that I may have been able to tolerate it better, but I know the midwife wanted me out of the water because she was afraid I would relax too much and labor would stall, since I was induced. Seriously, If I had advice to give anyone, it would be three things. 1. Don’t make a labor plan. No matter what it is, nothing will go according to your wishes. And later you will feel like the whole OB unit is laughing at you. 2. Don’t be induced. Unless your baby is in jeopardy and you are SURE of that, don’t be induced in any way shape or form (even if you are 6cm and they just break your water.) 3. Never ever ever allow them to give you pitcoin. Don’t believe that they can “so finely control the dose that you can’t feel it” and don’t think that it is always necessary to speed your labor. I think that these three things linked together royally screwed my labor experience. And they have made me completely indecisive as to what I would like to see happen this time. So in reality, I just try to pretend that this time the baby will just fall out while I am vacuuming and not make a single plan or wish until I am in labor and then just bark out what I want through gritted teeth.

I remember while being pregnant with Ardyn, coming across a picture of a woman on Flickr who was in labor and on pit. She looked like a demon with her eyes rolled back in her head and commented that this is what pitocin does to you. I kind of forgot it until Evan said MONTHS after Ardyn was born that what really scared him was after they gave me pitocin that when I was in the worse pain my eyes would roll back in my head and he would feel like something was going very wrong. Well, something was wrong. The pitocin was so terrifying. It had control of my body and was rushing my contractions and I couldn’t feel my body’s own rhythm to push when I should. It made me hold back and try to resist labor (which I successfully did until they promised me a c section and had my prepping for the OR and the team all called in from home… )then I relaxed, made them turn off the pitocin, and suddenly, I could feel my own contractions and work with my body. I could relax enough to deal with it and get through it. I still vow that Pitocin is the devil and I have yet to meet a mother who has had it who thinks any differently. I do recall being exhausted and lifeless but when I heard them say to give me pitocin I rolled over and tried to get out of bed to get away from the nurse who brought it in. If they ever tried to give me pitocin again I think I would jump out the window. I never knew that my eyes were rolling back. I don’t think I knew anything but pain at that point. And I recall wanting to die. And begging god for relief which about sent my husband the atheist over a ledge.

Well, that’s all for tonight. I have more but wouldn’t you know I can’t remember it! And it is midnight now, so that’s a wrap.

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