Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sewing and Stuff

Ahhh.... Tuesday.

I made it through Monday, although I was exhausted! I actually dozed on the couch for about an hour and a half before lunch, and then mom came over to watch Ardyn while I went to the endocrinologist. I had blood drawn and expect results tomorrow. When the Dr. felt my thyroid this time, it was actually sore, which he said COULD be a good sign, meaning that instead of hypothyroidism, I could have thyroiditis, or a swollen thyroid, which is easier to correct. But we will see if the thyroid has corrected itself. I have been SO tired the past couple of days, but I think that's because I didn't get a nap for three days in a row. But today I remedied that. Although I have still been yawning all afternoon and night. It's silly.
Today my bead retreat show arrived, and I made a necklace and bracelet right away, and delivered 4 of the orders tonight, and intend on delivering almost all of the other orders tomorrow. I am so excited to make jewelry! I bought three pieces of jewelry that I really loved but had NO clothes to match. Saturday I ran into Target with the family and we found a maternity shirt that matches the jewelry. I put it in the wash, by itself, on delicate (even though it didn't SAY delicate) and all 5 buttons fell off in the wash. I was pissed, but determined to just sew them on three times as secure, but didn't have the right color thread around home. My mom said "I have that thread, I will take it home and sew the buttons on and bring it back Wednesday." So I totally can't wait to get the shirt back and match the jewelry up and wear it. Haha.The funny thing is that we went to Target to look for a damn case for the portable DVD player that we have, and there isn't ONE case at Best Buy, Wal-Mart, or Target that will secure the DVD player. Ugh. Now I have a $30 one to return and can't find the damn receipt. I also wanted to look at Target for another pair of maternity jeans, because all the ones from my pregnancy with Ardyn are WAY too big and I needed to go down a size. I have bought one pair with this pregnancy (Duo from JcPenney) and they are wonderful, but they are already sold out in stores and in the catalog so I can't get a second pair. When we went to Target, they didn't have my size. I tried on a size bigger, and they were WAY huge, so just for giggles I tried on a size smaller and they were PERFECT and I was like HOLY CRAP no wonder all my pants are too big, they are TWO Sizes too big, not one! Jeez! Imagine my surprise. So we left Target and Ardyn and Evan dropped me at the mall so I could take my wedding set into the jewelers. It has been so big that I have had to wear a plastic sizer on it because in recent weeks I have almost lost it several times, once in a fast food restaraunt garbage. Ugh. I wanted to wait and get it sized again AFTER this baby, in case I lose more weight (or gain god forbid!) and I just decided that it wasn't worth potentially losing it. So when I went in, I discovered that the ring is one and a half sizes too big! Jeez! No wonder I can't keep it on! So I sent it in to get resized. Even with my ring fitting perfectly when I got pregnant with Ardyn, I was able to wear it all the way until the last month of my pregnancy, so I figure it will probably be similar this time around. Unless I don't swell as much because I am not working this time around. So it was good fun to find out that I am a ring size and a half down and TWO pant sizes down. YAY! So I am 15 weeks pregnant now and still haven't gained a pound. In fact I may have lost 5-6 pounds. I thought that I would start to gain as soon as Ardyn was weaned, but nothing like that has happened.

Tomorrow I have my midwife appointment, and that is always fun, but this time it's also Pap time. LOL. So Ardyn isn't going with this time. Last time she got to sit next to me on the table and hear the baby's heartbeat for the very first time. It was cool for her to be part of that.

I have made Ardyn 8 pair of pants and I have two more cut out and two more fabric styles ready to go. The first pair I made was the pink dog pair she is modeling above, and then I made five pair of fleece (lavender, khaki, yellow, blue and yellow stripe, and an awesome tie-dye pair) and then the cool chick pants and the frog pants. Next in line is lavender "meditating Monkeys" and Pink and Yellow "Pigs."

I have been working on getting a stash of postpartum mamma pads ready since I never used cloth after Ardyn. I have a BUNCH of pantyliners all sewn with the exception of adding snaps. I am working on designing a postpartum size made to my specs. I have one completed and it isn't half bad, but there are a few modifications I will make to make the next ones more perfect. There are two layers of flannel wings with a industrial poly snap, and then a layer of flannel topped with PUL, and then two layers of Microfiber, and another layer of flannel.

Well, Ardyn is having a fit attached to my leg, so it's time to get going. Ahhh, how I have enjoyed my tiny spot of time online. I will miss it!

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