Tuesday, October 07, 2008


So, last night we got home late and I saw the offending "mouse" leftovers. I got even more angry. There were seriously 4 mouse shit droppings and they were IN THE CORNER, BEHIND THE KNIFE BLOCK. Seriously. I rarely pull out hte knife block, specifically because the cleaning people clean behind the knife block every two weeks. So here they are all acting like we are filthy, because there were 5 mouse turds behind the knife block. I knew that I hadn't seen any droppings around in the last week. I couldn't believe I missed some. So there. Ha.

That's all I have to say.

Today I watched movies. Ate popcorn. Peanut Butter Cups. Ardyn took a three hour nap.

Oh and last night she took a dive and got a big lump and bruise on her forehead. She cried and cried. Poor baby. I put ice on it for a while and then the swelling was down by this morning. So she has the full body rash, a breakout of diaper rash from some milk that got through, a bump on her head with a bruise, a spot under her eye from her fall, and we are watching for Hand Foot and Mouth. Fab!

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Stacey from WV said...

Hey Meagan!
Witch Hazel works wonders for bumps, scraps, bruises, burns, bites.... etc... it is found along side the rubbing alcohol & peroxide. The best $2-$3 you'll ever spend. Oh it last forever too. I bought my bottle when Hannah was born still have about 1/3 left and she will be 12 soon.
Keeps them from scarring too!
Stacey from WV

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