Friday, October 24, 2008


Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday. I never thought there would come a time in my life when Friday meant nothing more than any other day. I love it. It’s freaking fabulous.

I am really typing with basically nothing to say. Ardyn took an early nap. We had fish and tater tots for lunch. I have that pile of laundry on the couch still looking at me. Today I called and paid the cable company so now we will have internet and cable and phone at home again. Unfortunately they won’t be able to officially connect us until Tuesday, which seems like FOREVER away from Friday. LOL. I am going to have to get me some internet before then. Every single time I think about it, I kick myself for telling my neighbors that I could get on their wireless connection and that they needed to secure it. WHY Did I do that? It sure bit me in the ass. I could be having free internet.

I have like 150 photos to upload. And Five blog posts. And I need to look up the mailing address of my “former” cleaning people online because they moved and I hope they updated their website otherwise I won’t know where to mail their letter of dismissal. I want to printout a paper before Ardyn’s Monday Dr appointment, on the info for the toddler health powdered supplement to add to rice milk.

Fast Forward 9:23pm

I am so exhausted. I think it’s the headache I have had since about 6:30 that is really dragging me down. Ardyn is just putting herself to sleep, because she is exhausted too. Because of her early nap, I didn’t get a nap, and so about 4pm I was seriously crashing, and lying on the floor of her playroom with a pillow and blankie while she played. My mom stopped by and that perked me up a bit. Around suppertime we went and got Evan and we all ate supper at ZBest CafĂ©. It was packed (as it should be, it’s delicious and well worth the wait) and I saw several people there that I knew, including our insurance salesman whom I have known for at least eight years… and would you believe it? Our cleaning people! Or should I say our former cleaning people? Well, I didn’t say hello or anything, I don’t think they even saw or recognized us. I saw a former coworker also.

Ardyn was very tired and fussy, and she was doing her tantrum bit although not nearly as bad as recently, because my mom and Evan were there so they kept taking her outside and letting her walk up and down the sidewalk. I had ZSalad and it was wonderful, and I ordered it last time because it was so good…. But this time we also had Spin-Art dip, which is spinach and artichoke and it was fabulous. I have had lots of spinach and artichoke dip but this one was the best (better than my Pampered Chef Recipe) and it had bruchetta topping on it too which was like a two-for-one. I actually brought some home. I am telling myself that I am still full and I don’t have to heat up the dip and mow down on it at 9:30 when I am trying to get sleep.

I know that since Ardyn is to bed earlier than normal, she will be UP earlier than normal, add in my own exhaustion and headache, and I have taken a Tylenol and a Tylenol PM (one of each, don’t worry, I am not OD-ing) So that I can sleep well and hopefully get rid of this headache. When I am pregnant I have a headache every day in the first trimester, and this time around it seems to be lasting much longer than the first trimester…. And they are really difficult to get rid of this time around. Sometimes I will go to bed with one and every time I wake up in the night it’s still there. And sometimes it’s not gone by morning. That’s a serious headache.

So I need to put diapers in the dryer and then I am off to bed. Even if I play a bit of Touchmaster on the DS, I am still going to bed very shortly. So you all have a great night!

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Amanda in RI said...

Sheesh, that was marathon reading to catch up on all that you posted. I'll be glad when your internet is hooked back up!

Anyway, glad Ardyn is feeling better! Jealous of your mad-sewing skills (I'm just learning, and don't have much time for it). Glad the pregnancy is going well.

Amanda--long time reader, infrequent commenter :)

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