Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not much.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ardyn just went to sleep. I am hopefully not far behind. Today we picked up her prescription at the pharmacy ($45 with insurance. Ack) and took a bath with the bath oil. As a person who has used a lot of bath oils in my time (eczema) this is by far the best I have ever used. We drug out Ardyn’s humidifier for the season and also turned on the whole house humidifier. I had Evan bring down my tote of winter pajamas from the attic and take up the window fans. Might as well admit that winter is on it’s way. He also put mouse poison in the attic. I hate to do that, but without it they just run around up there and then creep into the ceiling and walls. No amount of mouse traps down here, or electronic repellents- can keep them out.

Ardyn and I worked in the sewing room this afternoon and I added the back to the “quilt” that I made yesterday for her toddler bed, and added orange blanket binding to the top. It isn’t “perfect” but it’s really cute and soft and a perfect fit for the toddler bed. She spent about 20 minutes tonight climbing off the bed, and on the bed, repeatedly.

Evan and I spent the evening eating spaghetti and garlic bread with Ardyn, then playing with her in her big girl room, and finally coloring pictures of the Little Einsteins and Rocket while she watched their Christmas DVD. She was still going strong at 11pm but I put her to sleep anyway. That’s where I draw the line. She slept till 11 today, so I figure that 12 hours of sleep is probably what kept her going. Hehe. And that 2 hour nap this afternoon/evening.

Before Bed I hope to back and laminate the little Einstein pictures, but I think that most of my cardstock has already migrated over to mom’s house, and if there is a piece here, it is piled under tons of crap on the old scrapbook table.

Tonight while looking through my filing cabinet a bit (which I haven’t really opened since, oh, 2005?) I found a folder of all my old term papers for history, and one from college. What cracks me up, is a teacher’s take on formatting. I am not saying that 1994-1996 were revolutionary, but they were the times when computers were just becoming available in schools (rural schools I should say) and typing was being given instead of keyboarding. Formatting on letters, resumes, and term papers was changing rapidly to match what word processing programs had to offer. Unfortunately my teachers were a little behind on that. Things that are now considered perfectly normal, or standard, perhaps even dependent on a person’s personal opinions, were then just “cutting edge” and many teachers frowned upon them. For example, many of my term papers got cited for no paragraph indentations. Or because the page numbers were in the bottom center of the page instead of the upper righthand corner. My papers were all graded at 93-96% but it was really stupid little things that held me back. Another thing that made me laugh… we had a word processor by Brother at home, no computers were in most households around here. I had an old IBM PC Jr, but the printer was a dot matrix with tractor feed paper. So I wrote my papers on the Word Processor. Which could not underline. So every time I would cite a book or a reference I had to underline it by hand. Classy.

I remember when I was in college, learning all about the correct ways to make a resume. And all of those old things that we learned in high school. Total crap. Total old school. I still recall how it was a huge deal to write a letter and left justify the date, the greeting, and the signature. Holy Crap. Some teachers would have a heart attack if they saw that, but others were teaching us what was current. And if you were looking for a job it was seriously important as to whether or not you left justified the date!

Seriously. Sometimes I really what’s wrong with the school system when they teach you how to write the perfect cover letter like your life depends on it but don’t make you do things like balance a checkbook or unclog a drain or hey, how about change a diaper? Ha. Although we may have learned balancing a checkbook in home ec. Or maybe my fake husband did that. I can’t remember. And it makes me laugh to think how few letters are actually written in the 21st century. Everything is done via email. Resumes are posted online. It’s a totally different ballgame now. Running a typewriter isn’t going to help you much, but if you can change a printer cartridge, you’re on the right track.

I digress.

Tomorrow I have another day planned of doing nothing. Nothing much that is. I washed diapers tonight, and thank you rice milk, I only had to rinse ONE diaper as all the rest of them were perfectly dump-able in the potty. This makes my life near picture perfect. He. So tomorrow I expect to dry diapers, and perhaps break out those clean new sheets and cut them up to create some toddler sheets. Cross your fingers. Although by the time you read this it will probably be November. Although, Rumor has it that we will have internet and cable back by the beginning of next week. I won’t know what to DO with myself after two months of nothingness. Living off DVD’s and the weather radio. Oh and my iPod.

I really would like to go to sleep now, but there is a bunch of clean laundry on my bed that needs hung up. And all the hangers are in my closet, which is really messy and has stuff in front of the door so that I can not get to it. And I really don’t want to hang those clothes up anyway. Maybe I will transfer them to the couch and hang them tomorrow. Doesn’t that sound much more realistic?

Okay. But even transferring them seems like a huge deal. Too bad I don’t meet the weight limits in that toddler bed. That would be a perfect alternative.

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