Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Pics and Stuff

Good Day! I am amazingly on the internet briefly for the THIRD day in a row! It's a miracle. Not at home, but still very cool.

Today I got my own sewing machine setup for a while. I took my MIL's machine off hte cabinet and got mine all reinstalled and setup and then did some sewing. I made a couple of pair of legwarmers for Ardyn, and worked on mamma pads for postpartum. It was so awesome to sew again! FINALLY not so tired that I can't function! I have also been watching lots of movies lately. I rent about 5 or 6 a week. Recently my favorite was "Waitress" With Keri Russel. It was really good.

We got a tree removed from alongside our driveway today, it was dead all down the middle. We also got the maple in our front yard trimmed, we had branches so heavy that they were almost touching the ground. It looks so NICE and our yard looks so much BIGGER! Soon we will have our fence! We hired a tree service "A Cut Above" and they did an AWESOME job. Seriously. The trimming of the front tree was something that I was excited about but also worried but the tree is Beautiful! They did such a nice job while still taking good care to keep the tree pretty and healthy!

Here are a few photos: Starting with the Onesies that I converted to T-shirts yesterday.
Here's Ardyn today modeling the legwarmers we made this morning:It's so strange to be writing every day that I feel like I am blank!

I had a few blog-worthy revlelations lately, but by the time I get to the internet, I forget what they are!

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Julia said...

never thought of making onesies into t-shirts! great idea! i've also made leg warmers for my little one! need to make more! yours are cute!

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