Thursday, October 30, 2008

Short and Sweet

I am so exhausted tonight. This will be short. Today was a good day but a long one. I woke up at noon! Ardyn woke up at noon! Then I browned 3 pounds of ground beef, made taco dip and crock pot lasagna, got Ardyn dressed, and by then my mom was here to watch her and I was getting myself ready and heading in to "work" for a meeting.

Tonight we watched TV and ate together, my mom and sister were here. We watched Grey's Anatomy and then I watched Wednesday's episode of Dirty Sexy Money. It was good. I then wanted to catch up on the two episodes I missed this season, but when I tried to watch them at they were really choppy, even on cable internet. I dunno. It was like it was constantly buffering, which annoyed me. And even when I started it over, hoping that it would be better once the downloading got ahead of the area I was watching, it was the exact same. Choppy in the same places. Ack. So I stopped. My brain is too tired to decipher what they were saying, let alone enjoy it. It's hard when their mouths don't match the words, because I can't even try to lip read.

I will just go put the lasagna in the fridge and turn off the crock pot and then it's off to bed for me. Too tired!

Have a great Friday!

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