Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Night.

Tonight I was at my parents' house and wanted to upload photos. I had to bring Evan's new laptop with me. You see, I have an SDHC (High Capacity) camera Card and regular SD Camera card readers and slots won't read the stupid thing. No big deal, I bought a SDHC Card Reader. The first two were very inexpensive ($5 at Target) and Manufactured by Ohm (who apparently has no presence on the internet) and they both broke. The first one I just returned to target for a replacement as it was like 4 days after it was purchased, the second one I just bit the bullet and bought the $15 one by Ohm, also at Target. It's a multi card reader. And wouldn't you know, it won't work on ANY Windows XP computer I have tried it on, but Evan's laptop has a built in card reader that is new enough to read an SDHC. So I thought I would bring it with me and of course it reads the card wonderfully, but for some reason Flickr Uploader keeps locking up on me and when I try to kill it, the computer (which is brand new and runs Vista) Crashes with a Bloe Stop Screen (Blue Screen of Death) and claims a hardware error. That. Pisses me off. So although I have crafty sewing pictures, funny Ardyn pictures, and Halloween Costume Party pictures.... none of them will upload without repeatedly crashing the computer.

Sunday night was the Halloween Costume Party in our town, and we wrapped Ardyn like a mummy and also wrapped her stuffed dog. She won Second Place Costume- not in her age group (they apparently don't do that here?) But overall. It was fun, I was only disappointed that they didn't do the costume judging first, but had the kids eat and play games first, which really got to a very small mummy.... who doesn't like to wait, especially while wrapped from head to toe in a halloween costume.

I saw several other kids having costume malfunctions like losing wigs and losing props in all the excitement. Maybe next time they will do the costume contest later.... if not maybe I will find when it will be and we will make a late entrance with kids so small in costume. Of course, maybe I am just too competitive. But most other parents had boughten costumes and if you go to the work to come up with and put together a homemade costume, you just would like to get judged before the costume gets torn to hell. At least as a mummy it looks okay when you are unraveling.... unless you can see the flowered pajamas underneath your bandages.

I am So excited about tomorrow. In the morning, Ardyn is going with grandma, and then the Comcast people are coming to install a Dlink and Modem Combo so that they can setup phone and turn on our internet and cable. Then in the afternoon the window installer is coming to take measurements of our windows and then order the windows. Thank GOD. I can't wait. Since it has been in the 20's overnight this past week, it's been plenty cool.

Besides going trick-or-treating to the grandparents on Friday (not in costume) and going in to work one afternoon this week, it will be fairly uneventful. That's exciting. I am saving cash and getting ready to upload photos and order them online, get more adhesive, and cardstock for my upcoming scrapbooking weekend. I can't WAIT!

When I get back from my scrapbook weekend I have an appointment with my endocrinologist, one with my midiwfe, an ultrasound, and our new MATTRESS will be delivered. Ends up that Lays called this evening and after a pricing discussion they agreed that the mattress exchange should be even up and it won't cost us a thing. Thank YOU! I am happy about that!

Last night I watched a couple of movies. Dan In real Life with Steve Carrell was okay. Mammas Boy (with the guy from napolean Dynamite) was really really terrible, so bad that I almost stopped it altogether. Don't bother. I have one more in my group to watch this week.... but the cable will be back on and it won't be so important to rent movies anymore, which is good because there is practically nothing to rent now. Although Don't mess with Zohan was hilarious and well worth renting.

Well, the battery is running dead so that's all, till hopefully tomorrow!

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