Friday, March 07, 2008

Shopaholic Buys a new wardrobe.

Today I bit the bullet and bought new clothes. I can't wait for them to get here so I have things that FIT me! I bought 2 pair of khaki pants, a pair of khaki bermuda shorts, a pair of white cuffed bermuda shorts, a pair of denim shorts, and nine various styled v-neck t-shirts in Lavender, Aqua, Citrus Orange, Sunset Pink, Black, Navy, Green Seedling, Butter Yellow, and Lake Blue. Prepare to see me in my summertime mom uniform of v-necks, shorts or khakis, and flip-flops. I got free shipping from LLBean and $5 shipping from Old Navy. I bought the best quality stain and fade resistant shirts I could find.... hoping they will last long and hold up to my daughter's drool and squash flinging abilities.

I paid the water bill, the Culligan bill, and the daycare bill. I sold $120 of diapers that we weren't using and used that money to buy the finishing touches of the cloth diaper stash. Right now I have everything I will need for newborn through size Medium. Prefolds, pockets, AIO's, Covers, and even some wool to play with for Ardyn right now. It's really neat to have the newborn dipes ready, especially since I never CD'd Ardyn until she was in a size small. Last night I prepped prefolds in preemie and regular sized. The preemies are SOOOOO Super tiny! Can't wait! And I already have a dozen toddler prefolds prepped and packed away.

The list of what's coming in the mail:
  • 10 Drybees pockets,
  • 6 Medium Thirsties AIO's
  • 5 XS Thirsties covers in Aqua, Ocean, Baby Blue, and 2 Raspberry Pink
  • And of course the Loveybums Wool Interlock Cover with ladybug
  • Sheepish Grins Lanolin
  • Sheepish Grins Wool Wash Bar
Mom is coming over for a visit this weekend, and we are also having a date night this weekend with Josh and Lisa, going to Lou's LaGrotto for Pizza and then to see Semi-Pro with Will Ferrell.

The knitting is going well, I discovered that I seem to be better at knitting than perling. But I will eventually get the hang of it. I am playing with pretty yarn and that makes it easier. Last night when I sat down to knit, Ardyn woke up and decided to hang out for a little over two hours, so I didn't really get anything done at all. We did try Green Beans last night. At first the look on her face was hilarious. She gave me the "betrayal!" look and then she ate a whole pack and actually really liked them. Now she has eaten all her veggies and the only thing she doesn't like is peas, but she will eat half a jar. Pears also make her gag, and make her eyes water. It cracks me up. She prefers drinking out of a cup like a big girl to a sippy cup.

A couple of nights ago, we got tired of this icky Illinois Winter and we played beach on the bed. We got out the shovel and the sand sifter, and the sunglasses and our swimsuits and just pretended we were at the beach. It was also a nice idea to try on suits before swimming lessons next month. I don't know if her suit will fit her in a month or two.... only time will tell! We took lots of pictures. I couldn't find my two favorite suits for some reason. But since I haven't worn them since the summer before I was pregnant, who KNOWS where they have gotten to. Now I need to track them down before swimming lessons.

After giving Ardyn green beans, and a bath, and a massage, and putting her in her pajamas, and nursing her, she fell asleep by 6:30pm. Of course then at 8 she woke up until almost 10. Then at 11:30 we did a dream feed and she woke again at 5:30 to eat, and again at 7:30.... then snoozed until 8:40 and snacked a bit before going off to school in a grand mood and full of milk.

Everyone have a nice weekend! I know I will!

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