Thursday, March 06, 2008

It was a wooly Wednesday....

I. Am totally knitting. And purling. And I suck at it. But I am getting better with each stitch. I just grabbed some brightly colored cheap yarn and started practicing at lunch today. Once I get the hang of the basic stitching and get quicker, I will buy that expensive wool yarn that I have my eyes on, and then I will start the curly purly soaker pattern and work in the round. I have my round needles. I have my markers. I am totally prepared. I figure I had better make a medium instead of a small medium, because if previous projects are any indication, I should have it done by the time she's 16. On second thought, maybe I had better make an XL. ha. Knitting is exceptionally hard for me because I am left handed but have been taught so many things right handed that It's hard to function completely either way. So while my brain wants to hold the needles right handed, it wants to hold the yarn left handed. My "teacher" has to laugh at how strange it looks, but I get my own rhythm soon enough.

Last night Evan made some of the most kick ASS tacos. Yum. And he cleaned up the mess. And unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher. And put the dirties in the dishwasher, and put the leftovers away. Oh and he also washed the breast pump pieces and the bottles, and sterilized the pump. It was like a mini vacation for me. I fed Ardyn her supper, nursed her a couple of times and put her to bed, washed diapers, sold $100 worth of diapers on diaperswappers, bought this awesome ladybug wool cover and 5 more small drybees diapers, and then proceeded to crochet on the couch while watching the new episode of Men in Tree. A little slice of heaven.

Before bed, instead of pumping (since I am ahead on milk) I decided to wake the beeb for a "dream feed" (you breastfeeding moms know what I mean... a baby will eat in their sleep if they get the breast by their mouth. They are talented that way) which was nice because it topped her off and she didn't wake until about 5am. More sleep for me, except that I could hear my husband trimming his fingernails 20 feet from my head at 3:15am. Wha? Seriously. He is such a night owl. So then I had to pee, and then I had a hard time going back to sleep. My one chance to sleep through the night myself and he ruins it with fingernail clipping. But I forgive him because of the tacos.

Off to learn more about hand-dyed wool yarns on Etsy. In case I actually get good at this.

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