Monday, March 31, 2008

Another Sick Day for Beebs

Monday. But better than any other Monday. Although stormy and rainy, it IS 60 degrees outside. Pretty good for the end of March. And all the gloom allowed us to get in a 2 hour nap already today, and it's only 2pm. We are once again home, the cough that Ardyn has had all weekend is worse, and last night she literally coughed like every 5 minutes all night. By midnight I just went to get her and she slept with me, which was a good thing considering she coughed enough to spit up all over her pajamas and soak herself. And this morning she had some blood in her nose from the soreness. Poor beeb. She seems to be in great spirits after a nice nap. In all truth she could have gone to daycare but at the same time I knew that rest would help her (and me) and at daycare she doesn't take very long naps, where here I can get 3-4 hours of naps from her each day.

My parents went to Southern Illinois last week and brought her back two pair of shorts and a Prairie bonnet that is to die for. It is so stinkin cute!
I finished all my dyeing on Friday night and took photos on Saturday morning of all the diapers together. They look FABULOUS and I am so pleased. Only thing is, since buying the Motherease Bamboo Fitteds, I have discovered that they are kinda worthless absorbency wise, without the snap in inserts. But you can only use the snap in inserts on the largest setting, and she still isn't to the largest setting. Although she might have to be with extra bulk of an insert. Another mom online mentioned she isn't a fan of the MEOS inserts, so I am a little hesitant to spend the $40 to get 13 of them for my diapers. But $120 of diapers that are not useful to me isn't a good thing either. Right now we have used exclusively prefolds this weekend, and I love them. And Wool. I really lreally love the wool. Today she has on camo shorties. Saturday she got a new wool set, which she wore to Ava's second birthday party. We had a good time and Ardyn wore a princess Tiara party hat. There was so much going on that instead of eating her supper, she pretty much didn't care about vegetables or fruit, and just wanted breastmilk all night. And for some reason she again started to get tired around 7pm, which was unusual considering she took two good naps that day. After I brought her home and put her to bed, my parents came over to stay with her while I picked up Lisa and we went to watch Evan play in the band at a local bar. I took some pictures at his request, which can be found here if you are interested.

I had a good time but I am NOT made to be out until 2am. I drank one bottle of water and I still woke up with eyeballs that felt like pinecones. Of course Ardyn was up from about 1 till 3am, so I didn't get to sleep till 3, and then was up at 8:30, so Sunday was another day we all took a big nap from 11-1 because we were exhausted from our new rock star lifestyle. I think when they play again I will make it a point to only see the first two sets instead of all 4, which should put me home around midnight. Much more respectable for a mom. LOL. I have to admit that even as a one time social smoker, I appreciate smoke free bars because I can go out and come home to the baby without reeking and needing to shower. That's important, especially when I have to breastfeed her in the middle of the night and I don't want to be stinky.

Three little t-shirts arrived today. That was fun. I am washing diapers and doing laundry, and folding, hanging, etc. I have a couple of windows open, which is nice, but people with loud exhausts keep going by and trains keep going through, and waking up the beeb as soon as I get her to sleep for her nap. She's been especially vicious lately with her grabbing and scratching and pinching. I have been working on "be nice" and "No!" But twice now I have had to just lay her in her crib and let her put herself to sleep because she gets meaner when she gets tired and cranky. I have scratches on my hands and a three nail scratch across my arm from yesterday morning. Today she grabbed my breast repeatedly and scratched me while eating and I kept taking her arm away and saying "no" but she kept it up until I gave her a little **Teeny** smack on the hand and she screamed like she was crushed that her mom did that.... and then stopped hurting me for the rest of her nursing session.

The weather says we are looking at a high of 65 degrees today and more thunderstorms this afternoon and tonight. I just hope that I can get some sleep tonight so that tomorrow I am not a zombie like I have been the past two days.

I have a mamma on diaperswappers making me a couple of pairs of custom wool shorties for this summer, to match some shirts that we have. I also just bought two more soakers and another pair of used longies from the FSOT area of the board (For Sale Or Trade) It was especially nice because the mamma who is making the shorties was looking for a couple of nursing bras that I just happened to have and want to trade for something, so It is working out great as a partial trade. She is custom dyeing the wool yarn and then knitting the shorties to Ardyn's measurements. Should be great for summer!

My goal for the week is to get a few household things done. With the addition of band practice for Evan and everything else around here, I have barely gotten to see him it seems, and every time I have a moment, I think "Oh I wanted to ask him to fix that drawer" or "I really need help putting that extra clothes bar in the armoire" and by the time I see him again, I have forgotten. I am going to mount a big whiteboard on the back of the door in the pantry area, so that I can keep a running list of things I want to tell him and things I want to remind myself to do. If I hang it on the back door, then I can hopefully remember things BEFORE I leave the house. Ha.

I sold Seven Small Diapers this past week, so I have them all packaged and ready to go. I am thinking that I also need to sell all the Snap-ez and probably the Drybees sooner than later. But she can still *barely* wear the drybees smalls, although the rise is getting too small... but if I sold them that would eliminate 9 diapers that we use for daycare, and so I am hoping they last for another month (hint hint.) I do have 6 Medium Thirsties AIO Pockets that I bought- they still have the tags on them and I expect them to be grown into sooner than later, but she can still wear the small Thirsties AIO Pockets very comfortably, so I don't see any reason to have two sizes of the exact same diaper going on for the confusion of everyone involved.

Now it's 11:36pm, which will tell you that it took me a total of 9.5 hours to complete this post. Interruptus Maximus. Hopefully I can just go to BED now. Have a great night. I can hear the baby having a coughing fit that has lasted on and off for about an hour. It makes me sad because I don't have anything to stop it!

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Michelle said...

I love Ardyn's earrings ... I'm one of those moms who wish I would've pierced my girl's ears earlier.

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