Monday, March 17, 2008

The Goodmama is here! Let there be Wool!

Well, the Goodmama Organic Bamboo Velour Diaper came. And it is the softest, most luxurious diaper I have ever ever ever touched or laid eyes on in my entire life. And I want millions of them. We want to roll around on the floor naked in a pile of goodmamas. If Suzanne had stocked wish boxes, I would have gone right out and bought a dozen of them. But she isn't stocking wish boxes. SO Instead I just put it on Ardyn. It is so soft and stretchy. It fits fabulously. It's like the Lexus of diapers. Maybe it's like the BMW of diapers. It's just fabulous. The hype is real. And Ardyn loved it so much that she pooped in it. Right away. And she smiled at me. And it washed up beautifully.

Since I can't just go get my hands on a dozen goodmamas, I decided to go online and research other one size fitteds. I discovered that a friend who had recommended Motherease diapers several months ago was right on the money. And I also discovered that Loveybums are revered as being VERY similar to Goodmamas.... except that they aren't one size diapers. And they do cost $26-28 a piece, while Motherease One Size dipes cost less than $15 a piece, which makes them less than half the price of a goodmama. But they aren't pretty colored. So I ordered 13 Organic Bamboo Motherease One Size Diapers and then 7 colors of Procion Dyes from the Dharma Company. I will dye the diapers. I will make them beautiful. I will also dye my prefolds and matching t-shirts perhaps.

In the midst of the teething frenzy, we tried wool. And. Addiction happened. Good-Bye Pockets! Wool hath won our hearts. We wore two soakers and the loveybums cover. The Loveybums cover is SO Stretchy and nice. The wool interlock is nice and heavy. The Curly Purly Soaker is so cute, and the daisy Kozy Soaker is fabulous. We found a mamma who had three more pieces of wool for sale in Ardyn's size, so she has a pair of pink and blue shorties, a pair of purple longies with a lovely flower on the bum, and a pair of watermelon pink and green capris all coming, with matching t-shirts. And also two more used loveybums covers in lavender and mint.
Let there be Wool!

I also tried a thirsties fitted. It was very nice, and super trim, but it almost seems silly because I should really buy one size fitteds so they last her for the rest of her diapering career. And also because the thirsties were soaked through very thoroughly in a shorter amount of time, whereas the goodmamas (which have a snap in soaker) were practically able to go coverless because they are so thick with softy goodness. We will try the motherease.

Ardyn is really sitting up well on her own now. She takes a topple now and then, so with the hardwood floors I put floor pillows on side and back of her, so she won't konk her head. Although when she does and has fallen, she doesn't ever cry, just looks at me like "Hmmm.... so that's how this all works!"

While she was teething and we were home with her fevers, I colored a bunch of stuff to put on the walls in her room for decor and entertainment. We did these things for above the changing table.... and these sesame street letters for by her crib.... She LOVES grabbing and staring at them. She loves Sesame Street, and pretty much everything on Sprout, especially Chica and also Fifi and the Flowertots. She also will stop whatever she is doing for the guy on the Oxyclean and Kaboom commercials, when he starts yelling out how great Oxyclean is. It cracks us up.

Last night I pulled out my diaper patterns and started making some recycled fitted diapers. The pattern shown above is called "poo-pockets" by new conceptions.... and has leg gussets- which are my favorites. I saved a pair of pajamas of mine that had a flaw that made them unwearable.... but I didn't want to toss them, so I am making a couple of fitteds out of them. I also grabbed an old Ozzfest 98 Tie Dye t-shirt and got four diapers cut from it. I needed to order inner fabric (Microfleece and Such) and Elastic, so I ordered them through Very Baby last night. Once they get here I can start assembling the pieces of the diapers and serging them. And then I can use my snap press to set the snaps. I can't wait! That reminds me, I need to get new sewing machine needles. I keep forgetting to go down to the sewing room and write down the number of the needles I need.

Evan's parents came over to visit for a while last night. I pretty much did laundry and ran the dishwasher, and Evan and I put clean sheets on the bed and a clean comforter. I realized last night that besides a trip to the post office on Saturday to get the mail, and our walk on Friday, I hadn't been out of the house since Thursday. This week we are taking Ardyn to see the easter bunny at the mall, and also out for supper with Evan's parents another night.... so there is plenty going on. Everyone have a nice week!

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Michelle said...

Those sesame street colorings are so cute! You are the crafty chic!

Happy Easter to you and your family!

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