Monday, March 03, 2008

Charlie's All Natural Laundry Soap saving me $75 a year!

I did the math last night, and wanted to share with you!

after two months of exclusive use, I felt comfortable doing the calculations. We use Charlie's for all our laundry now, including Cloth Diapers.

The past two months we averaged one bag of Charlie's a month, equaling 80 loads of laundry each month. By purchasing in bulk, I spent less than $100 on a 5 gallon bucket of Charlie's, which is 1280 loads. At the rate we are going, that should last us 16 months and cost us less than $6.25 a month.

A concentrated bottle of ALL Free and Clear (what I used previously) costs $4.97 here and does 32 loads. That's $0.155 a load, which would mean at 80 loads a month, All costs me $12.40 a month.

Therefore Charlie's costs me HALF of what All free and clear does. And the packaging waste is significantly less also. And that adds up to $75 a year that I am saving in laundry detergent. And tons and tons of plastic reduction for the environment, and the soap is also safe for the environment. How's that for good news!

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Michelle said...

Doesn't that make you feel good? Spending less and helping the environment all at once?!

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