Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Because I too, am a Goodmama....

So, you know how people go crazy for things? You know, like the year parents fought over the last Tickle Me Elmo, and things like that? Well, in the cloth diaper world, there are also freaky crazes. But sometimes they aren't just "crazes." Current crazes include Crankypants and Goodmamas. Crankypants are knit longies (pants) that are used as covers/soakers over cloth diapers. They are adorable. But they are incredibly difficult to get your hands on, and brand new they sell from $100-200. And used they sell for $75-100. Yeah. And the Goodmama is a fitted One-Size Diaper. It requires a cover, and it comes in several different "colors" which are essentially natural with different serged threading on the edges and matching snaps. They also have limited edition prints. A solid colored Goodmama (if you can get your hands on it) sells for $33 new, and can be even HIGHER used, because people scalp them, and they are so difficult to find. A dozen goodmamas in a box are $365, and require a several week wait (6-8 weeks+) as they are sewn here in the USA, and the demand is so high. Basically you aren't getting a price break by purchasing that dozen, but you are able to secure one in every color without all the hassle. Goodmama has a website, and they do "stocking" on certain days, and then everyone rushes into the store to try to beat everyone else out and grab up a goodmama before they are gone. And they are ALWAYS gone. They are all the rage in the diapering community. The demand is so high that when the store is "stocked" their website often crashes from the traffic. This is intense.

Now from afar, one might say "What's with all the hype, and the insanity?" And I too wonder the same thing. But I can't pretend to be immune to it. While you won't see my buying crankpants, the goodmama thing really is interesting to me. One spends so much time looking for the perfect fitting and performing diaper, and then the little one grows, and another size is needed, or their body shape changes and a whole new diaper is needed altogether. Goodmamas are hailed as being a "true" one size diper, meaning that they truly are usable throughout all your child's sizes. So if you can truly use a Goodmama from newborn to potty training, you are saving yourself from buying Four sizes of diaper, so the price may be worth it. Especially because after trying out two "one-size" pocket diapers, I have learned that one-size does NOT fit all.... and if the Goodmama is truly a one-size diaper, and it truly is what you have been looking for.... $365 will actually be saving you some money in the long run. And the quality and performance must be up to par, or all the fuss wouldn't have started in the first place? Right? One would think.

So last week, I decided to go to the goodmama website and check it out. I thought "it can't hurt to go read, look at pictures, and learn about these things." And wouldn't you know, that while I was on the site, I surfed right on into the middle of a random and unannounced/unscheduled stocking of a red organic bamboo velour Goodmamma? And that there were only 3 left? And that I couldn't resist the urge to buy one and see what all the fuss is about (after all, I can resell it for the same or more if it isn't what it's all cracked up to be.) And when I stopped by diaperswappers shortly afterwards to see that everyone was raving about an unannounced stocking, and was able to say "I got one, and i just surfed on it." I have to admit, it felt pretty cool. And it has shipped. And now, I wait. To see if it's all cracked up to be, and in a way, I hope it's not.... Because I don't need to feel like I should go buy a dozen goodmamas. I will keep you posted.

Another cool thing? She also has a new rule where you can only buy one diaper, per day, and if you break the rule, you will not get any diapers at all- mwahahahah! Awesome.

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