Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Can I just say, I am SO tired of going to work? Really. I am. It sucks. I want to be home. Badly. Last August was my 5-year anniversary, and just today I received the catalog to pick out my "recognition item." It's really nice that they do that, but at the same time, there was really nothing that I was dying for in the catalog. I don't need a desk clock. I don't wear a watch (and the fact that it was "silver plated" didn't thrill me), and the jewelry was nothing like my tastes. I ended up getting an emergency radio, which I have been eyeballing in LLBean for sometime. But because I have been eyeballing it, I know that it retails for $29.99, and it makes me sad to think that after 5 years I am worth $29.99- I would rather have a gift certificate for somewhere.... But it does help alleviate any guilt that I would have about leaving here, if I ever get the chance.

Okay, moving on. Got some fluffy mail, and there will be tons more arriving probably everyday, as the stash completes itself. (Fluffy mail is code/lingo for diapers in the mail, FYI.) Yesterday I got the 6 Newborn fitteds. These things are teeny tiny. As in the palm of my hand. Seriously. I took a photo with a pack of gum for comparison. I also received the Thirsties Color Prefolds in Preemie Size. Today I received the 5 Drybees Mediums, which is a good thing, because Daycare lost a $17.50 Thirsties Diaper, which is the daycare diaper of choice. It happened on Friday, it appears that instead of putting it into our diaper pail, they put it into the garbage with the other disposable diapers and it was long gone. I am a little upset at the loss, and the $$, but not really at them, because it is an honest mistake. But that makes me short a diaper every day. Argh. I bought 6 so that they could have a whole day's worth of those diapers, and now they only have 5, so I am back to washing every single night, but since the drybees arrived today, that gives me 14 total daycare diapers and means I can send 7 a day and only have to wash every other day. Whew. Should have 2 more thirsties covers in newborn size and 12 Kissaluv size 0's arriving shortly. Then I can put the lid on the tote of newborn diapers and have the whole stash ready.

Ardyn got her first "incident report" at daycare yesterday afternoon, when another child fell on top of her with a toy and the toy smacked her in the head. She has a scratch and some missing skin scraped off, and it's red, but no bruising or bleeding. She seems okay with it all. She's a real champ. This morning she had a low grade fever in response to her massive teething as of late. No more "a little fussy." This seems to be the real deal. So she went to daycare with a dose of Motrin to keep it down and help with her teething pain.

My friend Carrie flew into Chicago this morning with her daughter Cara, and I can't wait to see them. Tonight I hope to get to see them, but I would totally understand if they are exhausted.... as flying by yourself from Alaska with an almost 2-year old can easily be seen as crazy challenging- especially when they are staying for as long as they are and that means lotsa luggage! Haven't seen Carrie since before I was pregnant, and she has never seen Ardyn. Plus Angela brought her home, and haven't seen Angela since Ardyn was like 2 months old.... so that will be awesome that the three of us can be together again.

The weekend was nice. Friday night my mom came over for a while. Saturday I picked up around home and hung out with Ardyn. Evan and I did some re-arranging in the attic, and put all my maternity clothes and the baby clothes and baby gear in one separate corner of the attic. Saturday night Evan and I went to Lou's LaGrotto with Josh and Lisa for Garlic Nuggets and Cheeseburger Pizza with Pickles. Evan was pretty cranky because he had a headache that he had since that morning. We went and saw Semi-Pro with Will Ferrell, and I have to admit it is probably the worst Will Ferrell movie that I have ever seen, and I am a big fan. It wasn't really even all that "stupid funny" and it was SOOOOO SLOW. But bonus, I got out of the house, and also pumped breastmilk in the theater under my coat (ain't Life Grand?) and had a drink on our way home. Sunday Ardyn and I met my family for the Pancake Breakfast at my grandparent's church. I have been almost every year for my entire existence. When I was little, they used to have a church carnival also. It was fun. Ardyn ate green beans. Saw some people I hadn't seen in a while, including Michael Jon. It was good.

Sunday afternoon we did more stuff around the house, and Sunday night Ardyn and I watched TV and she went to sleep SUPER early.... as in 6:30pm, and then woke up at about 10:30 and stayed awake till almost 1am. Then she was up every hour or so until about 6 or 6:30 when she woke up for good. Between teething, staying up too late for her grandparents the night before, going to bed way too early that night, and the time change, Her little world was all rocked. And therefore, mine too. I was so exhausted Monday morning, I ended up calling off and staying home. We finally got her down for a nap at 10am but she woke right back up and was incredibly inconsolable until about 11, when we ALL took an hour long nap which helped us to function.

That afternoon/evening, I took Ardyn to daycare and while the cleaning people came, I ran our braided rugs (we have 3) to the dry cleaners and then stopped quickly at the resale shop and at Wal-Mart for supper ingredients, and then picked up Ardyn. I made Vegetable Beef Stew for supper and we watched the new series "New Amsterdam" on Tivo, and then I washed diapers and went to bed.

My LLBean clothes have shipped, I can't wait for them to arrive, and I hope that there will be an Old Navy Order here soon too. When we were up in the attic I unearthed two totes of clothes and pants that I had stashed up there, which all will fit me now. One small tote of shirts, and two larger totes with pants (all Gap pants, cords and such) and another with skirts and all that. I wanted to bring them all down, but I know that I need time to try them on and go through my closet and pack away or get rid of stuff that is too big.... before I can make room for them.... so they just stayed in the attic.

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incredibly jealous of the thirsties! love your blog

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