Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just for Fun....

Pictures taken on Saturday of the diapers that Ardyn actually wears right now. They are all size Smalls, except the Snapez, which run small and therefore are mediums.

in baskets, left to right.... Left Basket: Infant Sized Prefolds (stuff into pockets), regular size prefolds , snappis, Thirsties Covers in size Small. Center Basket: Pockets- Fuzzi Bunz, Drybees, Snapez. Right Basket: Nighttime Diapers- Bum Genius 3.0 One Size Diapers, Cloth Wipes.
In Cubbies, top left: Fake Fuzzi Bunz in Medium, 4 Ewe Need-It's we just packed away. Center cubby: Thirsties AIO Pockets for Daycare. Right cubby: Small Happy Heineys and GAD (we JUST packed them away.)

Below (far left to right) 1 Embroidered GAD, Five Bum genius 3.0 One Sizes, Five Snapez Pockets, 7 Small Fuzzi Bunz Pockets, 4 Drybees Pockets (5 more arrived today), 5 Thirsties AIO Pockets (one lost by daycare), Three of our Four Thirsties Covers, and Three Happy Heineys.

Go ahead, try to tell me these don't look funner than boring old sposies? LOL.

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