Monday, April 27, 2009

Wool, Fleece, and Fitted Goodness

I'm going to TRY to make this quick. because I want to go to bed. AND because if I am not going to bed, I want to READ. A book.

Things have been okay here. Weather was really nice, and now we are having the bouts of rain about every day. I have been able to get a few things on the clothesline, which has been nice, and tonight I look forward to sleeping on freshly line dried sheets. Ahhh. Assuming that I get much sleep between nursing and changing the baby and Ardyn's all night coughing. Her Allergist appointment is tomorrow and we are on Day 7 of no Zyrtec, which is pure hell, coughing, whining, and snotty nose. I can't wait to get this over with. I actually considered several times just cancelling the damn appointment and putting her back on the Zyrtec because she is miserable and she is making everyone else miserable. She is SO whiney, mostly when Evan is around. When he leaves the house, she seems to snap back to her normal self. Usually.

Evan made us Tacos for supper. She wore most of hers, and I ate mine with Marek attached to my boobs. We read Michael Recycle before bedtime and now she has been coughing ever since. I think we will give her a cough supressant here in a bit, but the longer we can wait, the better, since it only actually helps for 6 hours.

I've been dilligently working on selling diapers and buying up what we need for summer for the kids. I had originally bought 9 Bum Genius All-In-Ones in XS to use for Marek, but they are NOT working for us. I have discovered that we would be better off with more Newborn Mutts, and of course her store is closed right now so I can't just ORDER them, so I had to start doing major searches to find some from other mammas. I have sought out 14 of them, well actually more like 9, the rest are Kind-Hearted Woman and other similar fitteds that came as part of a lot with the Mutts that I bought from one mamma. I have discovered that I am just not happy with fitteds that don't have a soaker. I should know this by now I guess. I prefer Goodmamas. I prefer Mutts. Fitteds like KL0's and MEOS and thirsties fab fitteds are just to THIN and I hate them with wool and fleece. Too much wetness. KLO's are probably the best with a PUL cover, and I don't mind using them. And MEOS are good in a pinch. Thirsties Fab Fitteds are worthless to us. I have also discovered that I LOVE Wool for Marek. He is such a sleepy baby, that the PUL aren't my favorites, because he sleeps so much that he is really soaked at changing time, and if he has on a thinner fitted, and PUL, there is no breathing and he gets red and irritated skin really easily. He can sleep for 4 hours at night no problem, but wakes up soaked. Last night for the first time I put him in Babyology Longies and a Fitted and got the best results overnight... with no red skin at all in the morning. the PUL covers even give him red skin around his legs, because the inside of the cover gets so damp that I have to change it several times a night also. Ugh. Basically I want something that works well and that I don't have to wake him to change him. Who wants to WAKE a baby who is sleeping just to change a diaper? No way.

So today I scored two more pair of babyology longies used, and that makes three after the pair that I bought new on eBay. Here he is modeling them last night before bed.
Marek- modeling Babyology Longies

I have been trying to line up shorts and skirties for Ardyn and Marek for summer. i have already gotten Marek lots of XS Wool, here are the ones that are the newest.... that I bought AFTER he was born.

Fleece Farm Pants:

Top Left- Babyology Longies; Top Right- Knit Wool Longies; Bottom Left- Wool Interlock Jeans; Bottom Right- our Second pair of Woolybottoms Footies.

I also have two REALLY Cute Monster Fluff Studio Embroidered Fleece Sets in Small for Marek. I am surprised at how BIG the smalls run, so I hope he fits into them by July/August!
Sneaky Snake Soaker and Shirt Set
Monster Fluff Studio

Go Green tree Hugger Shirt and Shortie Set
Monster Fluff Studio

Things I bought BEFORE he arrived:
Custom Footed Wool Longies

His coming home outfit:
Marek's Coming Home Outfit!

Charcoal Knit Longies:
Marek - 4 days old

1st Pair of Woolybottoms/goodmama Collaboration:
Woolybottoms/Goodmama Collab Wool Footed Longies

SOME of what I have coming in the mail:
Wild Child Woolies Sets for Marek in Small

Blue Striped Babyology Longies (both pair on top)

Gecko Shorties for Marek (were on clearance):

Three Pair of recycled/Interlock Shorties for Ardyn (all three were on clearance):
Red and White Shorties
Charcoal and Pink Shorties
Navy and Turquoise Peace Shorties

A beautiful pair of Interlock Shorties by Rainbow Waters for Ardyn:

Newborn Fitteds (mostly Mutts)

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Candice said...

I have never tried Goodmamas but I went with Bubu Bebe instead since they are only $25. I only have 3 since I can't spend that kind of money but they have 3 snap in soakers with a total of 12 layers and tons of cute prints.. Main downside is that it takes about 3 weeks to get them since they are from Canada (took 3.5 to get to me). They are really soft and work great though.

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