Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday. Feels Like a Sunday.

A rainy day. Overcast but still nice. The windows are all open, the kids are both napping. I was lucky enough to take a bubble bath practically un-interrupted. I got one leg halfway shaved when the baby started crying. Decision: Shave only one leg and go get baby while cutting bathtime short? Shave both legs and risk Marek waking Ardyn resulting in TWO children awake? Hmmm. Well, I got both shaved. And he put himself back to sleep. Thank God.

Of course Evan has a gig tonight, and so I said "before you leave I want to take a bath" and was prepared to hand him the baby and have him take care of Ardyn. then Ardyn started to fall asleep where she was, and he put her down for a nap, and Marek fell asleep after nursing. I put him in th ebouncy seat. The band called Evan and said they needed his help setting up and so here was Meagan, in the bathtub, taking her sought after bath, when Marek decided to wake up. Murphy's Law I tell you!

I meant to blog this last week, but things were a little busy and the weather was SO nice. Marek had his pediatrician appointment on Tuesday, and is 8lbs 14ounces. He's also grown an inch longer at 21.5 inches now. He was 3 weeks old exactly the day we weighed him. We started him on a prescription of Zantac 3 times a day, to help with the reflux. So far, I think it is helping. I am getting more regular burps from him and less spitting up, although he still has his moments (like today.) We have not had a milk out the nose incident since starting the meds Tuesday afternoon. (knock on wood!) The pediatrician is happy with everything, and I am too.

Thursday was Ardyn's appointment with the Pediatric GI. We saw Dr. Deutsch, and he was young, attractive, personable, and knowledgeable. And very impressively, he knew exactly who Boots and Swiper were, so it was an instant hit with both mom AND Ardyn. He also let Ardyn play with his flashlight. She was cool with him. He is happy with her development and we chatted about her dairy allergy. He is very confident that her Soy intolerance was actually a Soy Allergy. He described how there are two types of allergic reactions, one being immediate (hives, difficulty breathing, vomiting, etc) and delayed (diarrhea, etc) and because Ardyn has a delayed reaction, her allergies can not be detected by blood and skin testing. That was very interesting to me and I am glad that we know that, because next week she goes for allergy testing with the allergist.

On that note, she can't take Zyrtec for 7 days prior to her allergist visit, but she can take benadryl up to the two days before her visit. I didn't think much of that, but we stopped the Zyrtec on Monday night, and by Thursday night she was in bad bad shape. Her poor little body! Now I know just how much she needs the Zyrtec. She was up coughing, crying, tossing and turning for HOURS. Finally we gave her a cough supressant and she got some sleep. Poor thing. The next morning her eyes were crusted shut and her nose was all crusty. I had to change her sheets because there was so much snot on them! We actually let her sleep in for two hours on Friday and took her to school late, because she had been up so much the night before. ugh. She's doing okay with the benadryl now that I have started to give it twice a day, but it doesn't help as much as the Zyrtec... can't wait till this is over and she can go back to it.

This coming week is also my 4-week postpartum checkup.

Today we watched the new DVD "Elmo goes Green." It is SUPER cute. It might be a little old for Ardyn, but Evan and I were both entertained by it. Paul Rudd is delicious (like a mini Patrick-Dempsey) and he plays "Mr Earth" so it's really neat. They show lots of mini-sections about how different people recycle materials to make new things, like paper from the fabric of clothes and rags, and glass figurines from melted down glass bottles, and handbags from used plastic shoping bags. Ardyn is too young to understand most of that, but she did like all the music videos in the DVD.

This week the new Video baby Monitors came. I got the bebesounds monitor with a 2.5" color screen. It's a completely wireless and portable system, both the receiver and the cameras can operate on batteries. Super cool. The receiver comes with rechargeable batteries, and they charge when you plug the unit in, which is neat. We have two cameras (one in each kids' bedroom) and they have night vision. There is some minor interference that I am experiencing with the receiver, and sometimes repositioning it will help. Not sure what causes it, supposedly they are unaffected by Wireless devices, which we have plenty of.

Been on diaperswappers lately, getting a few size small things for Marek to grow into this summer and also selling some girly stuff and diapers that we just don't use. Also selling all the Halo sleep sack swaddles that I have around. Trying to get a few more NB Muttaquin Diapers, because they are what work for us and fit the best.

Well, gotta go, more another day!

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