Friday, April 17, 2009

Daily Headaches and Dirty Feet

My favorite part of summer? Dirty feet. Okay, well not my favorite I guess. There's always ice cream and swimming pools and lazy days playing cards in the shade. And of course there's the clink of ice cubes in a glass of lemonade... but I love that feeling at the end of the day when you go inside and have to at least wash your feet before hitting the hay, because they are dirty from a hard day at play. Tonight Ardyn and I both had dirty feet. It made me happy.

One other thing that I had tonight was a HORRIBLE headache that reached migraine proportions. For some reason, ever since the day after Marek was born, I have had a headache every single day. It almost always comes on in the afternoon. A nap won't cure it, and the majority of the time Ibuprofen or Tylenol won't cure it either. A combo of a nap and some medicine sometimes works, but usually I will have the headache until I go to sleep at night. It's incredibly frustrating, not to mention painful. Some days they are worse than others. In some ways I think they are tension headaches, and in other ways I think they are hormone related. I didn't have an epidural so they aren't from anything like that. it's been more than two weeks, and I really expected them to be gone by now. I am wondering if it's time to check with the doctor and figure out what's up. Tonight I actually lay on the couch with Marek while Ardyn roamed the house. Evan was outside grilling supper and Ardyn kept going out on the back porch and bringing me pieces of dog food and saying "Mmmmm Tasty." By the end of the evening I had quite the collection of dog food bits with me on the couch. I eventually put on my sunglasses to eat supper because the light was killing my eyes, but the Excedrin Tension Headache was kicking in and I felt better. Now later, I feel much better, but there is this residual neck-ache that is bordering on headache.

This morning was Marek's Upper GI with Small Bowel Follow through. They ruled out any blockages and also ruled out plyor stenosis, so I am thinking he just has reflux. Our official Doctor visit to discuss results is next Tuesday. When the radiologist asked me what the lowdown was, before performing the test, I gave him a brief but very thorough explanation and he nodded. Then they offered to let me stay in the room if I wanted, and gave me a lead vest, which was cool, because before I was told I would have to leave. Then while watching the xrays being taken on the screen, the radiologist turned to me and asked if I was in the medical field. it's interesting that they think that, I believe it's just because I worked at the hospital and became very familiar with all kinds of medical procedures and also terminology, and that I am pretty at ease in the hospital. I told him that I used to work at a hospital but am in the IT field. He smiled and proceeded to give me detailed explanations of what I was seeing on the screen. It felt good to get treated like an intelligent person, which is one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to physicians. I love my pediatrician because he takes everything I say very seriously and trusts my judgement and experiences as a mom. It's difficult for me to go to another hospital for tests for Marek, because I know that if I went to the hospital where I used to work, I would be surrounded by people who I know and trust and who I know will do their best to make him comfortable. But the experience I had today was really a positive one. We were in and out in less than an hour and it was very non-invasive. I am very happy that everything seems clear and normal and there is no sign of problems.

After his 5 hours of fasting, Marek has been sure to stay close to my boobs all day and use them as much as possible. I think he is just trying to remind me that he needs to be fed, as if the lapse in eating was a mistake on my part. too cute!

After the test, we were able to get lunch for me (I had a salad, can you believe it?) and then Marek and I went to the library book sale. I put him in the Moby and was able to leisurely stroll through the sale and look at all the books. It was SOOOO nice. I spent $5.50 and got two new books to read, and also a stack of books on preschool activities and teaching/homeschooling. Several of them had crafts and learning activities with templates and drawings. I also got a whole ziploc of kids sing along tapes for $1 and an old book from the 70's with gnomes (a board book) for Ardyn, that is really cool and was like 50 cents. They had TONS of parenting and pregnancy books, but none of them were to die for since I am on baby #2... but had this been my first baby I would have been all over them. They even had two of the breastfeeding books that are my favorites, which was cool... But I already have them!

After the book sale we took the cardboard to the recycling center and got ice cream. Then we came home. We did some breastfeeding and some laundry this afternoon, and I made a few phone calls. I ordered the new video monitors with two cameras for the kids' rooms, and also a tricycle for Ardyn. Then Evan came home and put the sandbox together and we got it in place and filled it with sand. Before we knew it, it was time to go pick up Ardyn from school. Marek and I went to pick her up. The daycare teachers took him out of his seat and passed him around for a bit and then I took him back and we loaded up and came home. My sister met us here and Ardyn, Liz, and I played in the sandbox. When Evan came home he joined in and then pushed Ardyn in the swing for a while. Mother M stopped by this afternoon and saw Marek, and yesterday the Brummel family stopped in to visit.
New Sandbox

Tonight I am washing diapers, and I colored my hair and gave both kids a bath. I scrubbed Ardyn's dirty feet. She was in the bathtub and I put Marek in with her for a quick dunk and a washing, and he peed on her. It was hilarious. She kinda watched him peeing, Then looked at me, then back at him, and then decided that she needed to investigate his plumbing because it looked different to her, and I had to tell her "no touching" and then she wanted to be in charge of using the little cup to dump water over his belly and legs. She did well, but she was seriously dumping Lots of water on him and singing "wash wash" over and over. Then she got her bar of Johnson and Johnson soap and started washing him with that. LOL. While in the tub, she sang a new song that she learned at school, which surprised me. She said "Pocket Full of Posies, Ashes, Ashes, We all fall down!" TOOOOO Cute! Then we sang together. On her way home from school, she was singing a song from her Dora DVD. She said "Bridge, Island, Sea, Kingdom! Say it with me! Bridge, Island, Sea, Kingdom!" Her favorite Dora DVD is "Dora Saves the Mermaids" and that is the travel song from that particular episode. We also sing "Find the Crown- Busca La Corona" and she constantly chatters on about the mermaids and Dora and the Crown, and tells me she "Needs a BOAT" to find the crown. Earlier in the week I happened across a bath mat with Dora as the mermaid, wearing the crown from that episode. When I brought it home and put it in the tub, she was hysterical with excitement, and cried uncontrollably when I closed the bathroom door because she wanted to go in and periodically check on the Mermaid in the tub.

Well, tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful again. I hope we can throw open the windows and play outside for a while too!


Megan said...

Hey Meagan -

Just curious, are you thinking of homeschooling? I am very intrigued by this subject.


dazed said...

You know, evan really wants me to homeschool. I have found it interesting, but have so far thought no, because I want my kids to have the social experience of school, and the only home schooled kids I grew up with were really strange and outcasted.

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