Wednesday, April 08, 2009

What day is it?

Hi all! Today was a great day. It didn't start out great, as Marek and I had a rough night. For some reason he started to be really gassy yesterday, with lots of bubbles, hiccups, and spit-up. Before bed he spit-up everything he ate, and then started to do some dry heaving. By early morning he was very fussy and not sleeping, and was doing more dry heaving alternating with throwing up (not spitting up) very thick bright yellow stuff. I was pretty worried. Also yesterday his belly button started to bleed and at each diaper change I would clean out crusted blood from it. That didn't seem right either, and made me wonder about megan's comment on facebook about cauterization. Then we had the plastibell hanging by just a thread, and not coming off like we hoped it would. So this morning I ended up calling the ped and they wanted to see him, so off we went again to the Doctor. We got everyone cleaned up, bathed, dressed, and packed.

Doctor thinks everything is okay, but is concerned about the vomiting. Which of course, he stopped doing after 9am (which is good, but figures) and so we will go back next week and then the week following to keep an eye on his weight and make sure he is still okay. If he starts it again, we are to take him to the ER. This afternoon he spit-up again, and had a couple of gagging heaves, but not throwing up anything like before. Hopefully it's just him adjusting to the milk supply and figuring out how much he can eat without overeating. This evening th eplastibell finally came off, so that's great too!

We went out for lunch at Quizno's and then to the new Ice Cream parlor and candy shop in town. I wanted ice cream but didn't get any because Evan said we were "too full" and I didn't want to argue that I could eat anything. LOL. But Ardyn got a dum dum sucker and was thrilled with it.

When we got home, I had my customary afternoon headche, and so we all lay down for naptime. This time around I have had at least one headache each day postpartum, and they are starting to really annoy me. I know it's just my hormones adjusting, but they still aren't pleasant.Ibuporfin and a nap sometimes takes care of it. Today's is still hanging on, but at least I can function.

We three are parked on the couch watching Dora on DVD while daddy has band practice. Ardyn had the last of the meatloaf for supper, with sliced apples and peanut butter crackers. I snacked on some yogurt with granola and apples/raisins. If I had more arms, I would start the dryer so that the diapers are dry for tonight. My headache is still hanging on, so hopefully marek will sleep well tonight so I can sleep too and get rid of it.

Tomorrow we are taking the kids to see the Easter Bunny in their dressy Easter clothes, for a picture op. Then we will eat supper with my parents. I have kid laundry to put away, so maybe when the DVD is done I can park Marek somewhere like in his crib, and let Ardyn play in her room while I put away laundry and get things ready for bedtime. Or maybe I will just do it now while Ardyn is watching the DVD.

I put away the kids clothes and while Marek was in his crib, Ardyn climbed up on the couch and got Evan's Xbox controller and was pretending to play video games. I told her no, and when I came back she was standng on the couch, leaning over the laptop moving the mouse around. Earlier when I changed Marek's diaper, she was eating her supper and I came back to find her on her hands and knees in the MIDDLE of the dining room table. LOL. I broke out the mom look and said "What are YOU doing?" and she got the "I've been bad" look on her face and flattened out onto her stomach, burying her head in her arms and covering her eyes with her hands. He he. It was hilarious. She's getting closer to two every day.

Well, it's 10:30 now, I have diapers washing and we tried on Ardyn's Sailor dress and new hairbows for tomorrow, and I need to wash the dress yet. I just took more headache medicine, and Marek is settling in, so I am hopefully going to bed soon too! More later!

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