Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good Day, Sunshine!

Okay, maybe not. But the sun'll come out, tomorrow.... right? YES it will! And today has been a good day! Marek and I had to go to the pediatrician today for his first "official" follow up. I know we have been there twice, and had the Upper GI, but this was our "original" appointment. Marek is 3 weeks old today! he weighed 8lbs 14ounces (which puts him up 14 ounces from birth) and was 21.5 inches long. He's a growing boy! We have started him on Zantac to see if that helps with his gassy reflux issues. His appointment went really well. I just love our pediatrician! I can't say enough good things about him!

Afterwards, Marek and I went on our errands. I had an Arby's Roastburger for the first time. it was an interesting taste. it hit the spot, but I could have done without the mustard and pickles. I don't know if I will get one again, just because I love me some giant roast beef as it is... and I might just go back to that. Then we went back to the bra store and I got two more nursing bras. They are expensive, and I felt guilty, but seriously, wearing two cup sizes too small is just not an option. Once I got two that fit, I was unable to wear the old ones again. it made me feel like my boobs were in a vice. So I got two more. Four bras now! Woot! And I also got some soak wash, that is made for lingerie and fine washables. I am right now washing the two new bras. I feel all special and pampered, to have four new comfy bras and this fabulously nice soap to wash them in. Ahhh... pampered. If you are local, and need a new bra, or want to be measured, you have to go to Girlfriends, and give them my name for referring me. The ladies there were SUPER nice, and even happy to see me show up with a baby in tow and help me get fitted and measured and overall it's a beautiful store and a great experience. Check out their website...

So, right now BOTH kids are napping. Mwwwaaaahahaha! I cleaned up the kitchen some more (read: cleaned up my husband's mess from last night and from Ardyn's lunch mess) and then I started some laundry and made a chart for us to track Marek's Medicine so we don't OD him. marek and I went to the Mart today to get a few more pacifiers, and some lightbulbs. We use the Nuk pacifiers because they seem easier for a little person to keep in their mouths, and this time I opted to try two of the Playtex paciciers because they have the similar shape as a NuK, and because they have this new fangled pacifier sterilizer that attaches to your pacifier, that comes in the package. It's just a snap-on plastic piece that acts as a steam sterilizer. Wherever you are, you just snap the paci in the plastic piece after adding water, and microwave it to steam sterilize. Aha! Worth a try. Yesterday Ardyn put Marek's pacifier back in for him, when he was crying. it was so cute, I took pictures (see Flickr.) Today when grandma Deb was here, Marek was crying and Grandma was holding him shushing, and Ardyn said "Marek Needs a Fire!" (that's what we called pacifiers when she was little) Damn she's smart!

Last night I started going crazy cleaning the kitchen. The clutter in this place is about to drive me bonkers. And now Ardyn can reach countertops and tables. Ahhh! It's like every horizontal surface is a catchall for things she can't have, and now she can reach all of them. Not her fault. MUST. CLEAN. SURFACES. So last night I cleaned the kitchen and washed stoneware and cleaned off the hutch. I was pleased. Next comes the dining room table and the computer desk. I guess I COULD be doing that now, but I am not in the mood.

I can't wait for the rest of this week! The weather is about to go FABULOUSLY warmer, it's supposed to be in the 80's by Friday and Saturday! I am excited, because we have the sandbox, and all the easter toys that we got like Bubbles and balls and pinwheels and things. AND we have the tractor and wagon to assemble, and Ardyn's Tricycle should be here before the day is over (where IS the UPS guy?) I've got sunscreen ready for both kids, and we are going to get OUT of this house!!

Today I got Ardyn the foam letters and numbers for the bathtub, and when I got home she took a bath and LOVED them. She would stick them to the sides of the tub and say her alphabet, and try to identify letters. It was so cute when she was cleaning up, the letter "G" got stuck to her little naked butt. I took pictures of that.... don't worry! But you will have to be a Flicr friend to see them!

Well, that's all for now. Take care! Enjoy the weather!

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