Sunday, November 11, 2007

Weekend So Far.

Saturday was a BIG day! Ardyn (and in effect, me too) was up at 6am. Awake. So we got up and got dressed in layers and ready to spend the day outside. Then we woke up Evan and he got ready, and we loaded up the truck and drove to Mendota for a daycare auction. The daycare went out of business and they were auctioning off EVERYTHING. We were actually pretty excited, we planned on bidding on a PVC Fence and on some Little Tykes outdoor equipment. When we got there, it was much warmer than it had been at 8:30am when we left home... which was nice, so we were able to shed a layer. The fence wasn't in bad shape but it was cemented in at the corners. The little tykes equipment, and pretty much everything else at the auction, was in ROUGH shape. Rough. Cracked and faded plastic, all the toys and puzzles missing pieces... everything was pretty beat to hell. We were a little shocked at that. Of course they had the entire building, inside and the entire outside hayracks to sell before they even got to the fence or outdoor playthings, so we left bids on the items we were interested in and I bid on a couple of hayrack items. Things were going WAY over what most people would be willing to pay. There were lots of bid happy moms there, paying $20-$40 for a tote of crayons or pom poms or play-doh. It was kinda crazy sometimes. I did end up getting a BIG box full of art goodies. Probably almost 30 boxes of crayons, and about 10 boxes of markers, tons of boxes of chalk, unopened construction paper, unopened glue and glue sticks, that sort of thing. It was pretty cool. Glitter and pom poms and pipe cleaners. It was my one big box and that's all we brought home. The fence went for $100 more than our highest bid, and the little tykes pieces that we bid on went for double what we bid. Insanity. I came home and looked through the step 2 catalog just to refresh my memory on pricing, and sure enough, people were paying dangerously close to retail for outdoor pieces that were rough and faded. Strange.

So we went to the new super walmart in Peru for a bit, to grab some toilet paper and look around. Then we went to Arby's and grabbed lunch for the road and came home. Last night Evan made steak stir fry and we had apple pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert. My parents stopped by after eating at Cajun Connection. Evan and my parents have both been through the new captain swift bridge (the back way from Wyanet to Princeton) and say that it's really nice. It's a replicated Red Covered Bridge, like the original that is located north of Princeton. I don't know if yesterday was the first day it was open... but I intend to see it myself soon. I instantly thought about how soon it will be vandalized. There are a lot of people pissed about the use of so much money to build the bridge. The only thing I am upset about is the fact that it took them an entire year (or more?) to get the damn road open again so we could use it. I go that way ALLLL the time to Princeton, as it's right in my backyard. What a pain it's been. I can't imagine how the people who live just on the other side of the bridge feel. Jeez.

So Ardyn for some reason did NOT want to sleep last night. We put her down 5 times from 9pm till 12am, and each time she woke up again. Finally I got cranky at midnight and swaddled her and this time put her in her crib in her room instead of the co-sleeper. And she went to sleep. And slept 8 hours straight. In her Crib. For the first time ever. She naps there but has never slept there yet. So that means that I got 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Unheard of. Awesome. So while I am not taking the co-sleeper down yet, I am putting her back in her crib each night to see if this will stick. Before she was sick twice and before she had shots, she was sleeping through the night for a full week.... but then her schedule got all screwed up and she wouldn't get back on it. I hope this is a good sign!

I think I forgot to mention that at her two month appointment she weighed 10 pounds 14 ounces and was 24 inches long. Excellent. She gained 2 pounds 9 ounces in the past month. That's wonderful weight gain. Go breastmilk go!

She is now finally able to wear some 0-3 months clothes... although others are still way too big. But that brings promise that she can wear the Hanna Anderrson dress that I bought for her Christmas pictures and for pictures on Santa's lap. Cross your fingers. Of course if she gains another 2 pounds this month, it seems like she is more likely to fit the dress.

Yesterday marked the "one month" till I go back to work milestone. Whew!

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