Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mail Call!

Well, I got all my packages priced at the post office. That was a treat. Lots of struggling to carry them without dropping them all and opening the stupid pull out doors with both hands full. Damn.

In the mail today we got Ardyn's personalized name labels, for her bottles (and someday for her sippy cups!) We got 4 pink and 4 purple and they stretch to fit all sizes of bottles and cups. You can run them through the dishwasher and sterilizer safely. They have her name on the one side and her name in Braille on the backside. They are wicked cool. I am totally jealous. I really hate the idea of writing on her bottles or cups with permenant marker, because our next babies will need to use them too, and I think this is an excellent alternative.

Also, a couple few pairs of mary janes arrived. I bought them all from one seller on ebay, who obviously had a little girl. The cherry ones are my favorite, because she has the outfit to match them already, but the others are also super cute. I am hoping the two bigger pair will fit around 6-9 months because I have that super cute skirt from Children's Place that matches the houndstooth ones pretty well. And the red ones, well, you just don't need an excuse to wear foxy red shoes, even if you are only a few months old.


Michelle said...

I totally love the name labels - How friggin cool are they?! And the shoes ... I'm jealous.

MrsThompson said...

Where did you get the name labels? I'd love to purchase some for the new mommies in my life!

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