Friday, November 02, 2007

Tivo Catch-up

Well, today is going well. I am just sitting here in my pajamas catching up on TIVO. I finished Dirty Sexy Money (and can I say I totally knew that Nick and Tripp were conspiring against Simon? The whole time?) and I am watching Men in Trees. Ardyn went to sleep just after 8pm.

I am doing some baby laundry, specifically some sleep sacks that I am doing product testing on for Halo Innovations, the makers of Halo sleep sacks and Swaddle Sleep Sacks. Also bought a Kiddopotamus Swaddle Sack. Just to try it out. She uses the newborn size sleep sacks with swaddle from Halo, but we had two that we bought in August (we bought three total) that I had issues with because they had either NO tabs on the back, or only one tab, and she could pull the swaddle piece up over her face.

So I contacted Halo and got in touch with a marketing rep and she sent me replacements, as well as a proto-type for a size small sleep sack with swaddle that isn't on the market yet. And also a size small sleep sack made of velboa as a gift. So we are getting ready to test the small sleep sack that she sent. Ardyn just in the past week has started to become Houdini and escape all of the swaddle sacks in newborn size, I think because she is too string for the velcro, and because she is too long. They are supposed to fit up to 10 pounds, and she isn't yet, but she is LONG and she is ESCAPING which leads to her waking up about twice a night when she WAS sleeping through the night for a whole week before the escaping started. We MUST get her into the next size! Lucky for me I got to test because they don't even manufacture a smaller size (with a swaddle) by Halo... but they do make them by Kiddopotamus. And their small goes up to 14 pounds... so I bought one for $9.99 at Toys R Us today so that I could see how I like it. What I DID like about the Kiddopotamus ones is that you can wash them without a bunch of exposed velcro, AND the swaddle is attached at the back so it can't be pulled up, AND the diaper changing can be done without unswaddling, AND (one more) they are half the price of Halo's sleep sacks. But we have 7 total Halo sacks. Yeah. So we will have to test and see.

I have the worst luck at Toys R Us. When we went shopping a couple of weeks ago they left the security tag on the Adidas suit and I had to take it back to the store with receipt today to have it removed. What a pain in my ass. I called the store where it happened after calling the Toys R Us Customer service line, and neither one had any real help or even remorse for their screw-up. So also today I went to buy some OxyClean baby and grabbed a spray bottle of stain treatment by OxyClean also, and when we got home it had built up a bunch of pressure and almost exploded, and the bottle had crunched outwards and the bottom pushed out so it wouldn't stand up anymore. What is WITH That? Toys R Us and I don't mix well apparently. And can I just say that they had some "doorbuster" sale today and the customer service desk was SO insane. There were literally only one group of people ahead of me in line and no one behind me, so yeah, two of us, and I waited about 10 minutes before anyone even looked at me. There was one girl working the counter and she apparently had an attitude and was being bitchy to the people she was helping, and never once even acknowledged that I was there. Eventually another woman came up and helped me... but it was rather rude. No one even apologized to me for having to make another trip to the store to have the security tag removed. Whatever.

One good thing I can say about Toys R Us, they have a nice selection of certain baby items that you can't find at stores like Wal-Mart or Target. They carry the Gerber Roll on Baby Powder, and they carry Menthol Baby Bath, which you can't get at Wal-mart here anymore, and also alcohol-free kid safe hand sanitizers. I bought a three pack of travel ones and a two pack of ones for the house.

Well, Ardyn woke up at 10pm and needed to be topped off with some milk. he.
The stupidest commercials. I tell you. How about the one where the woman is at Lowe's acting out all the things she wants to buy as Christmas Decorations. Yeah. Retarded.

Well, this weekend I have people coming to pick up the table from the front porch that I want to get rid of (gonna put the Christmas Tree out there from now on) and a basket full of cans of baby formula that I didn't obviously need to use. The Freecycle network is good for that. Sometimes I know that I am giving away some REALLY good stuff that I could probably make money on, but it's nice to just give it to someone who will enjoy it, and to have it gone fast. The first come first serve nature of freecycle usually ensures that if someone WANTS it then it will be gone right away.

Can I just say that I love on Men in Trees when Annie and Sapphire mud wrestle at the Chieftain? LOL. I am really dying to see if Jack is like LEAVING the show? Hmmm. I mean, going to the Bering Sea, and then next week supposedly getting attacked by a wolf? Dying to know.

Well, that's good for now. Have a great weekend!

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