Monday, December 04, 2006

Run of Bad Luck?

  • Saturday I broke a Ceramic Pumpkin that was expensive.
  • Sunday my car got a flat tire and today husband took it to get a new one.
  • Monday I broke my $390 Oscar de la Renta Glasses.
Bad Things Come in Threes... Right?
  • Or do I get to count the $140 washing machine repair the day before Thanksgiving?
  • And the $350 (out of pocket after insurance) that I paid The Dermatologist Last Thursday.
  • Or can I count the News that I have to have 3 Wisdom Teeth Pulled in January? And that will cost me $350 after insurance?
That makes 6. Two sets of threes in the last two"ish" weeks.

I'm even gonna count the 15 inches of snow and being stuck at our house and taking another day off work without pay as a GOOD thing.

It's over, right? No more bad shit? No Broken Mirrors in my future to doom me for 7 years?

Goodbye Oscar. I loved you dearly. Let us remember the good times we had....

1 comment:

Blonde Chick said...

That sucks!

I hate when money crisis's happen. (crises? crisis'? how the heck do you spell that?!?!?)

Anyways, hope things get better!

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