Saturday, December 02, 2006

Blogging On The Edge

Don't you love blogging when you know you shouldn't be? Like in the morning when you will be late for work, or when you SHOULD be getting ready for something else or cleaning your house, or letting the dogs outside? It's like "wow I need to clean this place.... Let me just blog for a sec....." and then time flies by. Today I just woke up. Yes I know it's noon. I like it that way. I went to Anya's last night and Ryan and Emy came over and we played lots of games.... Cranium, Imaginiff, Boxers or Briefs, and Scattergories. It was good fun. I got home around 2:30ish. I was so tired. I washed my face. I pulled back my hair. I brushed my teeth. I didn't even get my clothes all off, or do my nightly face soak. I was lying in bed, using the zeno and I was falling asleep... but it beeps so it kept waking me up. I remember (barely) sitting up and taking off the black lacy push up bra and then deciding to keep on the black tank top and the red Pirate Love Shirt and my red underwear. That was all. I was asleep in seconds. I slept right through husband coming home AND getting into bed with me, he was just THERE sometime in the morning, complaining of a stiff neck and drinking lots of bottles water. I was so tired! I didn't do a WHOLE lot yesterday, although I did get the lights and ornaments on the tree, and the santa and reindeer assembled.... And I shoveled a little bit of snow and traipsed through some snowbanks. And I made a pizza. That's all.

Today I am supposed to have an altered clipboard class at the Printer's Box but the streets in Princeton still aren't plowed completely and there is no way to park because of it. So We have decided that if another class member arrives, They will call me and we will have the class... Otherwise I will stay here and pick up and vacuum. Tonight I will watch Ava for a little while, I don't know what else is going on.

Hadley tried to escape this morning... apparently he wanted to poop in the freshly plowed STREET. You see he never leaves the yard, but apparently the snow had him all "Little House On The Prairie" where he was disoriented. I didn't realize that he COULD Leave, because we were so snowed in that the snow was too high for him to get through. What I Didn't realize is that sometime during my morning slumber, the plow guy showed up and we are all plowed out. SO when I was standing in my underwear and let Hadley outside, I didn't even GLANCE at the escape route that he had. Never even noticed it in the world of white. Then I looked outside like 2 minutes later and he is NOT in the yard, and in the street at a busy intersection. There are cars going by, and he is taking a shit in the middle of the road. Dumb Ass Dog. So I yell at him and he doesn't come TO me but goes AWAY from me so i run inside and get my pants on and I am doing that "running while putting on pants" thing that cheating husbands perfect so well, and then cramming my feet into boots and wearing a sweatshirt with no bra, my hair all sticking up, and he walks BACK into the yard and finds a clear spot to poop more. Then as a big diesel truck pulling a trailer decides to round the corner, he takes one look at it and decides to walk in FRONT of it. All the while I am screaming at him. Finally the trailer makes a noise and he takes of running with his tail between his legs like someone was chasing him, and goes right through a big drift and into the house. Dumb Dog.

With this much snow, you get a teeny tiny taste of how it must have been on the prairie with snow that disorients you. If you look down and don't pay attention to the landmarks, you end up off course. You spend so much time concentrating on walking through the snow that you don't watch where you are. It's difficult to gauge how deep the snow is until you step into it. Even though it is 3/4 of the way up the picket fence over there, it might be much deeper here due to drifting. And with everything being so blindingly white, it's not always easy to tell. Canyou imagine the snow being so high that you would have to use your upstairs window as a door? That you would have to tie a rope between the house and barn? I know. Insane. And to think that's what Illinois was once like. Prairie affected by global warming?

So that's it for today folks. Have a great weekend!

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Michelle said...

you had me giggling with this one! Glad to hear Hadley finally got his shit straight! too funny!

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