Monday, December 18, 2006

7 days and counting....

Friday night I had fun. I went with my mom and sister to 6 & 34. I had pickle Chips, Amaretto and Cokes, and smoked Marlboro lights. Nothing can lift your spirit like that. When I got home Friday night at about 11:30, I put on my pajamas, washed my face, pulled back my hair, and settled on the couch with a book when the phone rang. It was Anya.... she, Bobbi, and Anya's brother Brandon wanted to play Cranium, but Brad didn't want to, so I went over in my pajamas and we played a good game. Anya decided that she and I shouldn't be partners anymore (not fair to those who had never played) so I was Bobbi's Partner and we won. I had to Hum "I heard it through the grapevine" but Bobbi didn't know it. It was fun. I went to sleep about 1:30am and about 3:45am Evan woke me up. I could hardly talk to him I was so knocked out sleepy. My throat was dry and I Drank a whole bottle of water, went to the bathroom, and went right back to sleep.

Saturday I woke up late. Yeah! I balanced a checkbook (eeww) and then put in 3 hours at work. Then I went to Wal-Mart. Then I babysat Ava and Husband brought Dinner from 6&34. I wanted a burger, so I ordered a 6&34 Burger. It has ranch and sautéed mushrooms and onions. It was not my favorite. Usually their burgers are really really good, but this one wasn’t fabulous. I think I would stick with a regular burger next time. And my fries were cold. Darn.

I also worked at home on Christmas Cards. On Saturday night I completed the 24 that I was hand-making, and when I pulled out the list from 2004, I sent out about 50 cards, so I had to order some photo cards to mail out too. So husband helped my stuff envelopes, and he signed our names on the 24 handmade cards. It was funny because when my mom opened her Christmas card, she said “Wow! Did Evan sign all of them or just ours?” and I said “All of the handmade ones were signed by Evan” and mom said “I am impressed!” and I responded, “Sure, I slave for WEEKS making 24 highly decorative hand-made cards and Evan sits down and signs them in 10 minutes and THAT is what impresses you.” I just can’t win. So anyway, Sunday we went to brunch at Wise Guys and we dropped our Christmas Cards in the mail, and then on Sunday night I went to East Peoria with my family to see the Festival of Lights and take the drive through VFW park. It was awesome. I highly recommend that you go. It’s well worth the drive. It was fabulous. I took LOTS of pictures. Liz and I got our annual photo with Santa taken (two poses!) We had Corn dogs and Ice Cream for supper, and ate Christmas Cookies in the car.

Last night from 10pm till about 3am I spent running around the house picking up, organizing, doing dishes and laundry, preparing for cleaning people today. Ugh. I finally couldn’t stay asleep, despite the Roseanne Marathon. This morning I spent another hour and 15 minutes cleaning up around home before work. For the next 3 days, I completely plan on reading books, doing crafts, and sitting on my ass. This weekend was too busy! I also plan on watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” if it kills me. I have been thinking about it since Friday. I will hopefully have 2 more presents arrive in the mail so that I can wrap them, and I have some of mom’s presents from dad that should be arriving soon and I can wrap those. I bought husband a Resonator Guitar for Christmas, and it’s still on it’s way. Everyone else is done and wrapped. I really only shop for mom, dad, Liz, Evan, Carrie, Angela, and then I do half of the gift exchanges I am asked to participate in. So this year I did 3 out of the 6 I was asked to participate in.

Today I received a Christmas Card with 2 cents postage due, and it sent me into a panic. I thought “what if our Christmas Cards are postage due” because I never weighed them, I just put them in envelopes, addressed, and stamped them, and then dropped them in a mailbox in Princeton. I never even checked. SO if you receive your Christmas Card postage due, I pre-apologize, because I never even THOUGHT of checking them until I received one postage due today. Oh well, too late now!

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