Friday, December 15, 2006

I love it when you Spanx me!

I am addicted to spanx. And I don't mean tawdry S&M sexplay (that's another post altogether. lol.) I mean the soft and stretchy Hide and Seek "Spanx" line made by Sara Blakely. The camisole/tank tops. Now, if we must discuss underwear, we might as well make it wonderful. I don't wear camisoles. Never have. Don't need anymore layers of clothes. Really. I need a pretty well-constructed Frederick's of Hollywood Bra to make me happy, and to fit me. I recently bought 4 bras for $109 dollars from FOH, which is a steal, especially considering that it's no secret that Victoria's Secret bras ate $42-$45 EACH and they don't last me a month and they have already lost their underwire, and the hooks are bending. Frederick's Makes bras to LAST. And they are less money, around $28-$30 each, and as low as $22-$26 when you buy 2 or more of one style. I personally love lacy satiny ones, but I also love me some Microfiber. Especially in the winter, because I have insanely dry and sensitive skin (eczema) and my clothes and bra seem to rub my skin raw. So Microfiber is a true true luxury for me.

So, last weekend, I had the Christmas Party for work. I had ordered a little black jacket from eBay and it was on it's way, to match my red skirt, and I really thought (by the pictures) that I could wear the jacket with no shirt under it. That's my usual plan. Well, when it arrived on Friday night, it had only one button. It was cute as the dickens but it buttoned closer to my belly button than I thought, so both my tummy and my boobs were very visible. Evan laughed when I tried it on. I thought "shit! I need to get a tank top!" Okay. 5'8" women with D cups do not just FIND tank tops. Either they are so damn short that they don't even REACH your stomach, or the line that is supposed to go UNDER your boobs (think empire waist) hits you at nipple height and it is very uncomfortable and unattractive. You feel like you are a giant wearing barbie's clothes. It's very unbecoming and frustrating. So I have ONE DAY to get one found, and I only have time to shop IN PRINCETON and that means Wal-Mart or Four Seasons. Well great. Nothing dressy at Wal-Mart that isn't velvet or beaded like something grandma would wear. Ugh. So off to Four Seasons where Every tank top is $24 on CLEARANCE. As I was weighing my options and had two $22 clearance tank tops that I was sure would be too short..... I suddenly happened across SPANX. I touched them and I was in love. Spandex-y and microfiber-y and all soft and sexy! And (YIKES!!!!) $42 each! But If I was going to spend $40+ on 2 tank tops that wouldn't fit, I could spend $42 on what that I knew Would fit, especially in a pinch. So I picked up the camisole/tank and it has made me the happiest woman on earth. It is so comfortable that I Don't even know it's there. Soft and stretchy. It tucks your tummy and hides lumps and bumps and bra ridges. It stops my clothes from chafing my skin and it fits nicely over my bras. It is attractive and comfortable and I find myself even wearing it to work under my shirts. I MUST HAVE MORE! So I started combing around and found 2 on eBay in my size for around $15 each. FABULOUS! They are gentle cycle wash and hang dry, and I will wash them in a lingerie bag. I did buy 1 size larger than my actual size, but I knew I would have to so that my boobs would fit, and so that the "waist" line would actually fit under my breasts instead of awkwardly across them. I love the v-neck one with lace too.... that will be the one I eyeball next.

After I HAD to gush to my mom about the Spanx, and how FABULOUS they are and how EVERYONE must have one or two, she said that she has heard all about them on TV and that all the celebrities wear them under all their super party dresses for the red carpet events, and they are fabulously mentioned in hollywood and all over TV. Considering all I watch is TIVO from cable, I had missed that, and thought I had really discovered something new and fabulous. But I have to tell you firsthand, that Spanx are WONDERFUL. Now if I can just find some no snag pantyhose.... the world of undergarments will be mine!

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They also sell Spanx at Lane Bryant if you have one near you.


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