Friday, April 01, 2011


This is what procrastination looks like. I am supposed to be cleaning the kitchen and baking Marek's Birthday cake and cupcakes. See how well I am doing? The kids got up around 10, and I gave them baths and got them, dressed, and did a few loads of laundry, which is ongoing... but I have been purposely ignoring the kitchen. Oh boy. If I could just be motivated! It might be better if the sun was out, but then I would want to be outside, and so would the kids... so it's probably just as well that it's rainy and overcast.

I also still need to figure out what Marek is going to wear for his birthday, and make the shirt if I am gonna do it. AND I need to get the key to the community center. AND I need to wrap his presents. Oy. The day is half gone and I haven't even begun. Oh well.

Marek's birthday was a fun day. We did all the things he loves to do. We went to the farm and he rode tractors and 4-wheelers and trucks. They played outside and we watched daddy and grandpa burn the prairie plots. Then we went to Farm and Fleet to get some hardware cloth for the chicken coop, and then to take Ardyn to dance. While she was at dance, Marek and I went to the John Deere dealer and he got lots of tractor time, and he picked out a new toy for his birthday. He had such a great time that we were late picking up Ardyn from dance because I had to drag him out.

Then we came home and made mini pizzas for the kids at Marek's request, and after putting them to bed, Evan and I got some Chinese takeout and ate and chatted in peace and quiet. Then Evan went to sleep and I cleaned out the chicken brooder and spent some time with my favorite chick, who is now the largest, with the most feathers, but is also the most bold and curious, and loves to be held. I am thinking it might be a rooster based on it's forward and fearless personality, but secretly hope that it's a hen, because I really want to keep this bird! Ardyn and I have already decided one chicken's name. One of the hens that we keep will be Gwen the Hen... and now I am just hoping that this one can be our Gwen. I guess if it's a rooster we can call him Glen. Glen and Gwen :)

Anyway, they are growing SO rapidly. It's amazing. They have full wings now and most of them have tail and neck feathers. Their feet have seriously increased in size, and they have long necks and their combs are beginning to form. I haven't seen wattles yet, but there is still a bit too much fluff to see clearly. I am so excited about building the coop that I can barely stand it. I want to get started but I really need to wait until next week, after Marek's birthday party gets over.

I think it's about time that I start a movie for the kids, and make their lunch and start on the kitchen cleaning. *sigh* No fun I say!

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