Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Color. Me. Confused.

So. This morning I get up with a soft cast from the thigh to toes. Intending to go to the orthopedic surgeon, and according to the ER physician, MAYBE they would cast me from the knee down instead.

So, we go into the ortho office, spend 20 minutes filling out paperwork, get into the actual room, unwrap the soft cast and remove it, the Nurse Practitioner says that the bone is not a bone that they cast breaks, that the ER did a bit of overkill, and that they will give me a walking boot. Yay I think. Then Dr. S comes in and touches it, and says that I don't need anything. No crutches. No cast. No walking boot. No aircast. NOTHING. yes, you heard me. Nothing. I twist my ankle and fall down the steps twice in one week, pain, swelling, bruising, and a mild break.... and I need nothing.

My problem with this is that, while not having a cast is good news, not having anything is... well.... frightening. I have had bad ankles, excessive twisting, and twice have fractured bones (once in 2007 and again this past week) and I need... nothing.

In some ways I understand. He wants me to walk on it. He wants me to strengthen it. But does he not consider that I have two small children and that everything that I do is sort of hazardous? I don't want to be carrying my son and have my ankle give out. I said "Can't I wear my aircast for support?" and he said "if you want support, wear an ace bandage" and he proceeds to wrap my ankle. I learned with I was 17 that an ace bandage does not in any way prevent a sprain or twist of my ankles. I'd be better off in flip flops. I don't think that Evan understands my concern, he's probably just relieved to be off Mom Duty.

So today we came home, I ditched my crutches, and put my aircast back on. I have to have something for support to prevent my ankle from twisting. It bothers me that I can't get the ortho doctor to understand that these breaks are just secondary to excruciating sprains. I saw an Ortho Specialist in Peoria back when I was in college, and that is where I got my first aircast. He understood that the ace bandages and elastic ankle support braces are not enough for my problem. Maybe I should have gone back there instead. I just don't understand.

So, at this point in time, I don't know if I should just cancel the meal train? I can walk, I can drive, etc. I am planning on keeping my foot up as much as I can so the swelling will stay down. He said that the break will be painful for at least 2-3 months as it heals, and that is especially painful to the touch because the break is right on the outside of my ankle.

I am terrified that I am going to fall again. But I guess at this point I am supposed to be happy that I am walking again? Huh. Guess I am right back to square one.

Well, off to drive my van for the first time since Sunday, and pick up Ardyn from school and take Marek to get a haircut, and tonight I guess we will color easter eggs? Jeez this is strange.

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