Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's Almost Here!

Well, tomorrow is Easter! We are excited around here. Despite my recent injury, we have recently been able to accomplish most of the things that we usually do around Easter. We missed Palm Sunday, and I am still depressed about that, because that is also the Sunday that our church takes their annual group photo, and we will go another year without us being in the picture. I can't tell you how sad that is, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. We also missed passion walk... but that will happen again I am sure. AND we missed Lily's blessing.

We did get eggs colores, Easter outfits picked out and bought, the Mall Easter Bunny Visited, AND made it to the Community Club Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow. The kids opened their baskets from Grandma Susan and Grandpa Bob's, and we have every plan to be at church tomorrow. ALL of us. I am going to be Mary Magdelene (I know, right?) and discover Jesus missing body at the tomb. Then after churrch, we will head out to Grandma Deb and Grandpa Dave's for our annual Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Dinner. The kids know that since our yard has some space constrictions, and the Bunny knows that we will be there each year for dinner, he just leaves our baskets at home and then hides our eggs at the farm, where there is lots of wide open spaces :)

So, Happy Easter to everyone. We are laying low this afternoon. My ankle is bothering me after the egg hunt, especially all the walking in the grass and on the uneven ground and rocks at the playground. I have had my foot up all afternoon and evening. :) We are watching Movies and relaxing.
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