Monday, April 04, 2011

Happy Birthday!

What a great birthday celebration! The cake turned out great, the decorations were cute, and Marek was excited when he arrived at the party. We had lots of family attend and it was just plain fun for the kids. Marek got lots of cool stuff. Lots of cute summer clothes, and a couple of hooded sweatshirts that will be so handy for the cool evenings and windy days ahead. (like the fact that it was 70+ degrees yesterday and is headed for 30 tonight and 24 tomorrow with wind chill)

He got a Lightening McQueen Fishing Pole and Gas Can for his Cozy Coupe, Thomas Bathtub squirters, The Melissa and Doug Fold and Go Barn, The Learning Curve for John Deere "BIG Red Barn," A Monster Truck that does wheelies, Chuck the Dump Truck, a Wall-E Pillow, A couple of Red Tractors, some new books, Cash for new socks (which we got today, along with some little undershirts :) Some Caterpillar Sandbox Toys, and.... let's see, mommy's favorite toy, Bill-Ding blocks. We had the Bill-Ding men when we were kids, actually they were at my Great Grandma's and Liz and I along with our cousins used to play with them all the time. I assume that my dad played with them when he was a kid, and perhaps even my grandpa? They are so much fun, and the company that purchased the rights to them still makes the wooden men. My cousins Danielle and Jessica were so sweet to get them for Marek, it's a fun toy and it brings back lots of memories for me :)

We got Marek a John Deere blanket and two little Tractor Pillows, and some die cast John Deere, and a Tractor shaped carrying case. We also got him some tractor clothes and some shorts and bibs, and a box of Cars Stickers. Ardyn was really excited because Grandma Susan brought her a little miniature Lalaloopsy from Wisconsin (which she is loving, she already has the tea party set) and Darrell and Leslie brought her a princess Zhu Zhu Pet that is pink. She was so pleased and it was SOOOO Sweet of them to think of her during such a big event.

So anyway, Marek was of course infatuated with the big red barn. With both barns, but the one that he could drive his tractors into was awesome. He's been playing with it nonstop. It was just the perfect gift :) Thanks to Jodi and Mike for taking the trouble to assemble it for us too, it made it just awesome to have it right there to play with!

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