Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Playdate at the laundromat

I am thinking that the next step for me is to get a real cast on this leg tomorrow, and then start on laundry. We had laundry mountain BEFORE I was declared broken, because I had been in an aircast for a week and didn't do laundry. Now it's pretty ugly. :)

I am thinking that the way to go is to have Evan load up the laundry and take me and the laundry and perhaps Ardyn (who is a helper at heart) to the laundromat this Thursday. I can wheel around on my knee scooter and Ardyn can help me put clothes in and out of the machines like she does at home. Then I can sit and fold and hang while we wait. The more machines means more clothes done at a time. And then I thought, maybe I should have a laundromat playdate and see if any of my SAHM friends want to bring their kiddos and we can fold laundry. But then I thought, do I really want my friends folding my granny panties? lol. So, maybe it would be better to ask my mom and do it in the afternoon. I was originally considering the Wyanet laundromat, but then I started to think, Princeton has more folding counters, bigger machines, and tell me friends, which laundromat has rolling laundry baskets, like we used to use in the 80's? Inquiring minds need to know. You know the ones that are on wheels but at waist level, and then have a bar across the top to hang clothes that are clean?

So anyway. Today we had a delicious lunch, thanks to Andrea Wiggim. Marek was super excited at lunchtime :) a far cry from his nuked hot dog in front of the TV yesterday. Ardyn came home and went from sweet to evil in about 20 minutes. Once the fighting started, I declared it naptime. It took me forever to get them to sleep because they kept getting out of bed, getting into each other's bunks, there was biting and fighting and whining and crying. Now they are asleep. I am considering a nap myself, but not sure. I have to shower and get dressed to go to Mom's night out tonight, and that takes FOREVER with one leg... so while a nap sounds good, it probably isn't the best idea. With the exception of lunchtime and putting everyone to bed and when I got myself and Marek dressed, I have had my leg up alllll day. Pretty proud of myself. I can feel how much the swelling has gone down because my ankle has all sorts of room inside this soft cast to wiggle now. :)

Well, that's all I can dream up right now, perhaps I will head for the bathroom and get cleaned up :)

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musica_secreta said...

The laundromat across from the Princeton Post Office has the rolling carts--not all of them have the hang bars, but about half do.

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