Sunday, January 30, 2011

cough cough

I had a GREAT weekend, but I can't think of anything to say. Isn't that unlike me? I think I am just tired. I was almost falling asleep at 7pm.... Yet now it's after 11 and here I still am. I had to stay up to watch Pretty in Pink on Nick at Nite, and then I had to print out and choose my sessions for the National Hearts at Home Conference in March, because the registration for our MOPS group is due this Tuesday. It's SO Awesome that they have group registration this year, with a $10 Discount PER PERSON if you register a group of 10 or more together. I actually had a hard time finding a top ten this year. My top Two were DEAD ON and I hope SO badly that I get them. If I don't I have to admit I will be so disappointed! The top Four were pretty decent choices and the top 6 were interesting to me, beyond that I was just kinda putting the remaining 4 in the order that I would really HOPE they never choose. LOL.

I was going to go to bed, but I am just sitting here watching The Nanny (Fran not Frost.) and listening to Ardyn cough and sputter and whine and Marek toss and turn. Marek is over the croup and has been much better, but poor Ardyn just isn't feeling well. Low grade temp this evening, to top off the cold and cough that she's been carrying around almost a week now. Strange that the temp is showing up suddenly, but she was pretty lethargic today and has complained two days (not in a row) that her ear hurts, so I guess perhaps tomorrow is the time to consider having her ears checked. Although tomorrow is also a school day, and I was really hoping she would be feeling well and able to attend. We have lots to do tomorrow, with discipline class (which we ALMOST missed last week due to Marek's ER Trip and Croup Diagnosis) and were thankfully saved by the LOVELY Great grandma Mona, who kept Marek so Ardyn and I could attend both the discipline class and the MOPS Steering team meeting.

Tomorrow we are also going to be prepping fruit and fondue for our MOPS Spa night with fondue... assuming that this blizzard that they are forecasting does not blow in and bury us all making us cancel the spa night. But all this with Ardyn feeling a little questionable... so I hope that she can get some sleep, although it doesn't sound like it bodes well for her. I gave her Motrin at bedtime, but that cough is just nasty. Poor kid. I am thinking cough suppressant tonight, which I haven't given to either of them yet. But she needs some sleep... and it's a constant cough.

I spent the whollllllle weekend scrapbooking, with my friend Aimee on Friday night and then for my friend Angela's surprise non birthday, non celebratory scrapaganza. I had a ton of fun, and really got a lot accomplished and also very inspired. I can't wait to scrap again!

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