Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hey Everybody! Happy New Year! The kids and I had a GREAT night, despite being without Daddy. The band thing can really be bittersweet sometimes. I couldn't be married to a real Rock Star. That would really suck. No amount of money can replace having your spouse (or daddy) with you, especially for a holiday. We did leave home and head to Jo-Ann Fabrics before they closed to get a tiny bit of fleece (it was all on sale and we had coupons) and then on to the Mall to return a couple of pair of slippers that we received as Christmas Gifts. They were Buster Browns and Stride Rite, and both of them started to fall apart on Christmas DAY (yes, the quality of things these days is really frustrating!) We ended up getting a knock-off pillow pet at Marshall's for $12.99, then enjoying dinner at Jimmy John's (Kids Choice, and Mommy's too!) and then we went back to the mall for the 7:15 showing of Yogi Bear. This was Marek's first ever movie in the theater, and my first time taking both kids by myself... and to a bigger theater nonetheless! It was exciting and went great. There were only TWO downsides. 1. The place was packed and there were many people who weren't paying attention at all and I think I said "Excuse us" Nicely about 100 times before I started to say "Please excuse us, we need to get through" You can't walk single file with a toddler on each side, it doesn't work. People can be very rude when it comes to this. Not to mention that I wasn't about to loose a child in the shuffle (although I almost lost Ardyn once because no one would move and I had to let go of her hand for a second and she went the other way.)

So the second problem? The movie. It was BAD. I rarely say a movie was BAD but this one, was BAD. Poor Yogi and Boo Boo seemed to be absent from WAY to many scenes. There was more bad acting by humans and a lot of boring crappy plot to go along with it. It was a serious injustice to Yogi. I have never been in a theater with that many people looking so bored. I have only left a movie theater once in my life, and I was dying to leave. The kids did amazingly well. Ardyn was a bit restless and a couple of times she asked if it was time to go (which has never happened before, and her first movie was a human/animated Alvin and The Chipmunks Squeakuel. The best part of the movie was a fast paced rescue scene towards the end, but when there was about 10 minutes left in the movie everyone was like "yeah yeah" and was putting on their coats ready to leave. Seriously, the whole movie should have held attention like that 15 minutes towards the end did. It was seriously slow and disappointing. Yogi and Boo Boo were so cute, but the movie didn't even seem to be about them, and they were absent from about 50% of the film, which was frustrating.

So, not the best first movie experience for Marek, but it was still nice to be together, and he sat through the whole thing... so I can't imagine how excited he will be for Cars 2. There were lots of great previews, including The Smurf Movie and HOP (which you have to check out if you haven't seen a preview. The kids are gonna love this one, and Mom and Dad too!) The kids were dancing in the theater and it was all I could do to not scream "Whoo Hoo!" right along with it. The website is cute too, and since there isn't much plot info from the teaser trailer, you can see more there. And no mother will be upset to sit through another CGI movie with James Marsden. :)

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