Monday, January 10, 2011

Two Sick Babies :(

I am watching Rachel Ray make egg soaked sandwiches, like a monte cristo but with apricot preserves and spicy seeded mustard inside. Yum! I would LOVE to make these for supper, but not so sure that this is tummy friendly for my two sickies. Ardyn hasn't thrown up since this morning, and Marek hasn't thrown up since Friday night late, but they are both still "down" and although Marek ate more regularly yesterday, he has had a lot of Diarrhea and is running that low grade fever still. For him there was no fever until the vomiting was done, and her fever just started... so hoping that she is done throwing up too. She has kept down a handful of crackers and some pedialyte today... but I am heavily rationing, even when she begs for food. But I did allow her another 2 crackers and she ate half of one and left the rest on her nightstand. I gave them each some tylenol so they could rest, and they are napping or resting now. I am just really really hoping that I don't get sick. I was up with Marek twice last night and with Ardyn once. She woke up at 1am throwing up and it was all over her pajamas and her bed and in her hair and so it was an early morning bath with new bedding for her. And I had stayed up late working on catching up on folding laundry... I was pleased! I was just getting into bed when she started to throw up. *sigh*

I have all the folded laundry looking at me now, hopefully later today when they are up again I can put some away. Marek has just been so tired and sad. He just isn't himself. I ended up giving him his pacifier back after a month without, because he was so uncomfortable and just kept crying. It at least lets him rest. Christmas Eve was the first time that I caught him sucking his thumb, about 2-3 weeks after he was completely free of the pacifier.He's been taking about two naps a day while sick, and they are averaging 2-4 hours, which is about twice as long as his normal nap. Poor guy. Three times today I found him just curled up and laying on the floor. Once in the living room with his pacifier, once on the floor in his room, and the last time laying outside the bathroom door crying for daddy, with his pacifier nearby. Just curled up on his side all sad. NOT like him at all.

Guy is making Mahi Mahi, Bok Choy, and Garlic Mashed Potatoes. Oh I am getting HUNGRY! It's hard because I haven't eaten today and I want to but I can't eat around the yahoos or they will want to eat the same thing and I am just not sure.

Well, I made myself some lunch. Ardyn wanted some and I told her no. Marek woke up finally and when I went back to his room he was laying on the floor inside the gate. He barely lifted his head. Poor kiddo. He acted so uncomfortable that I should have known something was up. He asked for some milk, and since he hadn't thrown up for almost 3 days, I thought a little couldn't hurt. He took one sip. Then he wanted a banana. I gave it to him and he didn't touch it. Eventually he tried to take a bite and as soon as he did, he started throwing up. A lot. All liquid. Poor kiddo. I ended up calling the pediatrician because I am worried of course. This is hard to see your kids go through. And then I started to feel panicky and anxious hoping that I wasn't going to come down with it too. Ugh. Both kids are now laying on respective couches in a darkish room watching Word Girl. I called Evan and haven't heard back from him or the pediatrician. I am going to bed EARLY tonight. I need rest. Need to keep myself healthy.

Say a prayer that I can escape this so I can care for the kids.


astrocoz said...

Poor kids! More importantly, poor you! Try and get as much rest as you can...not that the kids throwing up at night helps much with that. Anyhow, I hope everyone starts to feel better soon.

Teagan said...

okay so I found your blog from Amazon because I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your beach cruiser and baby frontseat. ADORABLE!!! and I am so jealous! I and both your bike and seat.
How have you liked the frontseat? Can you peddle your bike okay?
So adorable! Teagan (

Meagan said...

Thanks! I LOVE my bike and I LOVE that seat! I Love it! It's awesome! It isn't hard to pedal at all! You get great balance and you barely have to adjust the way you pedal. I think you would love it!!

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